Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Pigs of Animal Farm Look Modest in Comparison

At this moment, the Wisconsin State House is occupied by protesting state workers and their entourage.
"The breach of discipline by the State Police is most serious. They are no longer a lawful police authority. They are now a partisan force with guns. That makes this an Insurrection." -- LOTM

I will remind you that this was all started because Gov. Scott Walker was going to up each govt worker's contribution to retirement from 2% to half that of workers in the private sector (12% and 25% respectively).

That was actually a compromise. And the govt-employees' WH inspired response proved nothing would have been good enough for them. With the police joning with  the protesters, and thereby widening the protest into an insurrection, is as if they are saying: "With the WH moving favorably for unions, where does any governor get off thinking he can thwart the demands of  'public servants' and their unions?"

This despite Wisconsin being financially pressed to go further into unconscionable debt as are governments everywhere in this downturn. This all despite the tax payers voting "STOP!" in November. The "Democratic" Party now can no longer stand democratic results, and are turning violent. This is something staunch conservatives have been trying to imbed in the heads of GOP leaders for years. You cannot compromise with those whose threaten violence; it will only serve to embolden them, and strengthen them so that the inevitable showdown will be much worse.

Well, it all comes down to the limits of economic engines.  Just like any engine, it will not being able to take-on ever increasing parasitic loads up into infinity.

It is obvious to the dimmest of wits that one cannot kill the goose that lays the golden egg in the expectation of riches hidden somewhere inside. Thus I think it is foolish to believe that the union leaders really expect they can make such demands work for any time at all.

The voters saw this problem in November, but the Left acts like they did not get the message? This is simply not rational.

What is rational is to conclude that the nihilists have taken control of the Left and the unions and the Democratic Party. Of course the Obama admin and the Agency of Lies (MSM) keeps abetting such notions, so we must continue to try to convey to the MSM poisoned world how dangerous all these entities are to America. The Left never liked the economic engine that made the West, and particularly America, as great as she is.  So now that they've brought us to the brink of bankruptcy, the unspoken slogan of their tactic seems to "Let's finish the old girl off!"

Yes. Never ever forget the long time slogan of the nihilists, because your future depends on recognizing them by their deeds.  "Bring her down, baby." and "BURN BABY BURN!"


  1. There is a course under way, and it is called a collision course. The Progressive subversives against America. How long before we band together and let these people know how truly angry they make us?

  2. It's coming RB. Be prepared to lead.

    For the long run, I still lose sleep over noticing that ALL the possible consequences of this constant agit-prop are welcomed by these people. That's because I know the process then led to the demise of the Roman Republic, so I tend to let that be my guide. I love America and detest those who want to end her so they may rule the world.

    For the short run, Marshall law will not, in most cases, be favorable to us old freedom loving anti-subversives. You read what LOTM wrote about the unorganized militia? Do you disagree with his prediction on how the public would greet that?

  3. Well there is the public divide wherein so many people from the Progressive side are so ignorant of things on the other. I don't know, but I did see Ann Coulter on Hannity today passionately making the point that the Republicans were failing to make the argument, not coming out and supporting Scott Walker as much as they should. She is right. The left are much more unified and also speak with a louder voice. We must energize to combat their superior "air power".


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