Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Addressing Misanthropes More Often

In Soviets Running Australia Form “Workplace Gender Equality Agency,” RB writes:

I often assert the NZ and Australia are communist countries, and people ridicule me for such claims, but here we have an example of how the average citizens in those countries commonly hold the concept of private property in utter contempt. Here we not only observe the spectacle of a jack booted soviet style apparatchik brazenly intruding upon the rights of shareholders to have their companies managed on merit, we also see these same arrogant collectivist scum forcing Australian taxpayers to pay more for contracted services by shortlisting companies who succumb to this dictatorial approach on government tender lists.

A disgusting abuse of government, and as a measure of how the left have destroyed our society, there will probably be at least 40% who agree with this abomination.

I can relate to RB's observation and treatment, and agree with his conclusion. However, I remain convinced he'd have more of an impact, with all that he reports and comments on, were he to start making the Left and the Statists and the SKUNCs more uncomfortable by noting the misanthropy in the consequences of their policies.

I, of course, regularly address them as misanthropes:
The only label that matters to me in stories like this is misanthropes. And the only aim they seek is our willing self-destruction (and destroying the hard-built meritocracy by inserting bodies based on meretricious criteria) while we victims battle with each other over the meanings of the other labels the misanthropes use to cover their goals.

Get past it RB, and they’ll do more than ridicule you.

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