Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Nice to Have Company

I've came to admire Redbaiter's sustained reporting and commentary at TrueblueNZ even while he was only a coblogger of KG's at Crusader Rabbit.

The reason is that he clearly has the stamina to post heavily under conditions that I think I might feel like giving up.

With the exception that he seems unwilling to challenge the labels long established by the Left to favor themselves and to irritate opponents, most all of his conclusions seem to agree with my own. And he addresses the miscreants in much the same way as I do. Anybody who has gone as many years as I have with few people agreeing so thoroughly would understand my sense of relief.

This assessment, like any other of its kind, is subject to change. RB, being human, is subject to demands of this world that may yet destroy what I currently admire.

Do you understand one of the key reasons that the West succeeded like no other culture before it? It's because we should trust not in men, but in the Judeo-Christian notion of the Creator God. And that applies to the agnostic and legitimate atheist as well. You don't need to be a believer or have faith in His existence. All anyone needs to do is understand the concept, and then understand that no man or group of men can ever supersede Him or the natural rights He bestows on all humanity.

Only coming to grips with this concept, and institutionalizing it in the manner that America came closest to accomplishing at some point in its history, can groups of men understand the role of the group of men known as republican government.

It is to sustain the legitimate rights of individuals, and that the promoting of other demands and investing in them the equivalent of rights is the mark of the tyrant. God is no tyrant. He simply represents what is right and unbreakable.

So, no matter how much you may admire any person in the course of your life, it's nice to have His company most of all.

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