Sunday, March 20, 2011

Too Late?

Why do I bother? Better known blogs and talk show hosts are beginning to speak as yours truly. But what of it?

Tonight, Wretchard writes in Downstream of Green,
Although “environmentalists” are often happy to see oil prices rise because it prices “carbon” out of the reach of consumers, its greatest effect on the Third World has been to raise food prices. The unrest in the Middle East are directly the result of unaffordable food.

But that’s OK. The Voluntary Human Extinction Project believes  “the biosphere of the planet Earth would be better off without humans. In VHEMT’s view, the human race is akin to an “exotic invader”, whose population is out of control and threatens other species with extinction, and only removal of the human race can restore the natural ecological order.”

And if there’s trouble in the Middle East, why just get America to bombing the living s**t out of the unrestful natives with B-2 bombers and the sophisticates can thereafter take the lead. Where extinction is concerned, why not just get the natives and the bitter clingers to kill each other. Extinction can wait a little, put off till the next glorious sunset.
Whether or not the Sustainability worshipers have wrenched control, they sure seem to have triggered helter skelter world wide.

Where are the optimistic adults? Are they too late?

I really like Wretchard, and supported him with cash early on. So I asked: "how come I could not get your discussion going on this several years before it came to this Wretchard? You’ve crossed its path many times, but I do not recall you calling out on their agenda the various architects like the VHEMT you cited today, and The Church of Euthanasia or the Georgia Guidestones, or the political leadership who never uttered a harsh word towards any of these."

And then there's another latecomer finally acknowledging the influence of Malthus and the Neo-Malthusians of the 1960s on public policy makers: William McGurn, Vice President of News Corporation (parent to Fox News Channel to the unknowing), writing in this month’s Imprimis newsletter (hat tip to the Dennis Prager Show).  But could you tell by his title? The Not So Dismal Science: Humanitarians v. Economists. [Beware -- The Hillsdale folks did not provide a permalink, so copy it if you want to keep it for reference.]

I guess he’s decided it’s now “timely” to relate to us the overly pessimistic influence of the Neo-Malthusians such as Ehrlich and McNamara.

Why is this so late, and written so obscurely? Are we to assume that the Establishment Right also harbors this death wish? Does the sun rise in the East?

Poorer people will be starved to death, or murdered for what little they have, as fuel prices soar, food is converted to fuel, and dollars get printed to keep pace.

Our “Intelligentsia” has a confrontational date with the Almighty, and I think they believe they’ll win. Theirs is the ultimate crime against humanity. DAMNED SKUNCs to my loyal readers.

Oh, for those who don’t know, as Mr. McGurn is now doing, I’ve long questioned the humanitarianism of the “humanitarians.” See up there, under my masthead?

If our "leaders" are so humanitarian, how is it that we never hear them direct a harsh word at the Malthusian, Utilitarian and Green nutcases?


  1. Don't get dejected, discouraged or think that you don't make some kind of difference in this world. You do even if it is just one guy or gal that starts to understand or starts to change their mind.

    Papa Ray

  2. Thanks Ray.

    That I've turned to praying that it is not too late to relieve these schemers short of them trying to bring on Armageddon, tells you that I am not totally despairing.

    There is something really rotten in "leaders" who would taunt God to "bring it on." If only one of they who cast the long shadows could repent of their hubris, there is a chance this would pan out better for billions of people. But we see no sign of it.

    I know I can't be the only man who feels like the Dutch boy with his finger in the hole in the dike, but that knowledge is not cheering.


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