Friday, August 09, 2013

Scratch Overt; BRAZEN Fascism

Well past covert fascism; hasn't been overt fascism for long; now it's openly brazen.

Obama: I Didn't Just Suspend the Law of the United States on My Own Authority; I Suspended the Law in Consultation With "Businesses" (aka "My Donors")

Thanks to Ace, who adds:
There was one question on this, from Ed Henry, and no follow-ups from anyone else. 

The media, the alleged "Watchdogs of Democracy," apparently believes it is a fairly unobjectionable statement that the president may suspend the law on his own authority as he may see politically fit, so long as he has the blessing of what I'm going to call The Corporate Congress.
Do any of my readers recall my image of how the Progressives Incrementalists have advanced their agenda over more than a century? This is from November of 2009:

Altruistic ==►
Casuistic ==►
Craven ==►
Shameless ==►
Brazen ==► [TBD]


  1. I was off by an election, but since the last one was stolen I'm think my time line is still in place.

    I would predict a landslide for Hillary in 2016. She will bring new meaning to the Teflon presidency.

  2. Agree on the theft. But, sorry Paul, I don't recall what you predicted. Please tie it back to your comment.

  3. No published. I just told people that if the O lost the last election we would face a manufactured crisis that would require martial law to control. As long as martial law was in place and the crisis never ended O would stay in power.

    I do not rule this out if things continue to deteriorate for the dems. However if they continue as planned and Hillary is the candidate he might not be allowed to go all out dictator.

    I think it depends on how Valarie Jarret is handled by the Clintons.

    We live in interesting times.


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