Friday, November 10, 2017

Sinister Label More Fitting Than Merely Left

Liberals, if they are sincerely concerned about the little guy, need to consider disassociating from "the Left" after giving deep thought to what follows and not dismiss it out of hand.

In a nutshell, here is why.

Activists who cannot have avoided exposure to some part of the history of the 20th century, any part beyond the media's primary focus on National Socialist crimes, invariably conclude that while oppression of one group by another group is a hideous thing, the oppression of the state is nothing about which to be concerned.

Far too often those who call themselves liberals will blame anyone else for the failures of ideas they support, ideas they believe in. It's been said that people who have no faith in God will believe in anything. These folks believe in their good intentions. That's all they need. If others are harmed because their beliefs were incorporated in government policy, well, that's too bad, they meant well.

Just like that -- their hands are clean! "Thank God!"  Oops, no. That's not right. "Thank Me!" See the problem yet? If you are on the Left, it does not matter how many bad things follow from your ideas, you have forgiven yourself. It's those conservative and libertarian bastards who are to blame. If only they believed -- then everything would be good. This is why the founders of America did not want the government creating law affecting an establishment of religion. When people believe that  anything has risen to supreme importance -- having precedence over all other considerations --  they are practicing religion.   Consequences of their good intentions? Sad but unimportant.

I'm sorry liberals. But when your most extreme elements start beating up people for disagreeing with your practices and goals, you can't walk away and say you had nothing to do with them. You gave them an excuse and you even covered for them -- some of you while they were misbehaving, some of you afterwards with words -- until the burden of covering for them got too uncomfortable. And then you have the gall to say your hands are squeaky clean. Because you believe in your good self, your conscience is clean. How convenient.  If there is a word that fits better than sinister it is evil. I'm letting you off easy.

Here is how you whom think yourselves liberal can get redemption. Accept the facts as they are and not as you intended them to be.

 It's after radicals took over whatever program was started because liberals provided them their support, often unwittingly, is something that must be looked as sinister even if it wasn't viewed as evil at the start. That refusal to learn from hard earned mistakes that cost 10s of millions their lives ought to be unforgivable!

For instance, those who would demand or allow inroads on the 2nd Amendment are typical. The ones in the GOPe are the most worrisome.

As I have put that argument,
Add up all the murders committed by base criminals and lunatics, and the toll is completely overwhelmed by the toll committed by governments whose subjects had no firearms to oppose them.

See? Gun ownership infringement activists respond in a manner favorable to the Josef Stalins in waiting, the original having observed "a single death is a tragedy, but a million is merely a statistic." Those who use every relatively small numbers of murders to launch another campaign against private gun ownership are sinister given the looming threat that history warns us about from guns being only in government's hands. Which label do you prefer libs? What label -- sinister or evil -- better fits this pattern of your activists?

If there is anything that is clear in natural rights is that the individual owns his own life and therefore has the right to defend it. Especially from criminals hiding behind the authority of what used to be called The Social Contract, but for which the authority is no longer providing its most essential service -- keeping order according to law and blind justice.

So, for a good start, just stop defending those who would leave all firearms in control of the most potentially deadly forces that have ever murdered your fellow human beings. Nothing seems more sinister than someone who cavalierly views how much others care to go on living and protect the ones they love from evil.

Hat tip Col. Bunny for the inspiration.


  1. They are all traitors against humanity and God willing their days are numbered!I am so sick of their endless capacity for hate and ignorance for anything good.

    1. I think those who take that road should be pitied. They have failed to learn a basic lesson of life in this world - why are we here?

      Mark Twain once quipped. "Everyone has two great events happen in their lives, the first is to be born and the second is to find out why they were born."

      Life is a learning experience, and those who turn left no longer are attuned to learning, but to putting into practice what they feel or have been made to believe to be true. If everyone kept their eyes, ears and minds receptive and not reject out of hand that which they may learn from simply because they do not tolerate it, then life will become a teacher and not something they think is malleable.

  2. Once God has been removed from life in this world then all the extremes and perversions of human life become possible.

    Liberals are no better than those extremist Lefties that they refuse to denounce. Liberalism will always descend into the Libertine, its a natural regression into the Dark Side once God is removed.

  3. Many thanks for the link.

    The illogic of the left is astonishing. In a thousand ways it says Group A of humans who had political power and were dominant did a horrible job and are examples of how evil humans can be. Group B, however, is unselfish, virtuous and trustworthy so if they are given political power and the dominant role in society, everything will turn out fine.

    Instead of viewing a circus lion from outside the cage based on what they know about lions, leftists essentially want to get into the cage with the lion and trust to its decent instincts.

  4. "If there is a word that fits better than sinister it is evil. I'm letting you off easy." Gee, thanks
    And here I was starting to thinkg conservatives were
    all mean and growling!

    1. Yup. 'It's those conservative and libertarian bastards who are to blame. If only they believed [as I do]-- then everything would be good. '

    2. Any Lib who cannot acknowledge that their kind of wishful thinking provided cover to the world's most deadly regimes are at least sinister.

      And when they continue to insist on more of the same thinking being made state policy -- 'it's how I see it no matter the costs in human suffering and death' -- then that's simply evil.

      Own it BB or recognize that maybe you want nothing to do with the [scratch] Left [insert] Sinister.

      After you open your eyes to how bad they are, then maybe I can show you who the bad guys hiding out on the Right are.

      They were in the forefront of perverting the words liberal and progressive into dark shadows of their original meanings and sped the conversion of the Democratic Party into a nest of radicals. They always placated radicals while marginalizing conservative thinkers in both parties.


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