Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Now Demonstrating the Self-Satirizing

Dear Pascal;

I received the following comment from an in-law whom was conservative leaning in earlier days.

"the stuff(shit) you send is always misleading and half truths of theatrical garbage and that I do not have time for."

Had he told me that to my face, I'm sure I would have laughed. The last time I visited him he religiously watched AND taped the Daily Show*. Theatrical garbage and misleading half truths "that I do not have time for."

And tonight I read your post. I think that sort of dangerous nonsense parading as news helps explain my in-law.

Do you have any recommendations for breaking through his self-imposed barrier?
[* The Daily Show, features Jon Stewart mugging (lowest form of theatrics) for the camera as he delivers misleading half truths meant as satire. ]

Oh the irony! /s

I see why you wrote to me my friend.

I wish I had a good recommendation. That "self-imposed barrier" is made possible because of crap provided your in-law by the same old media whose nationalizing I warned about yesterday.

I keep trying to find new ways to express my own alarm so that people like you can help me come up with ways to break through. That is the primary reason why I've increased my output here. Writing, for me, comes neither easily nor joyously.

I pray that other readers have an answer for you. And maybe they'll cone up with one for me too.


  1. Andrew Breitbart has been promoting the idea of the tea party folks picketing the hell out of CNN, and the (formerly) big 3 networks. He says we must humiliate and taunt them into reporting the truth. I don't know how effective it would be, but if done properly, it would indeed expose their hypocrisy, if nothing else ;-)

  2. Tim, Breitbart and we run into the problem that the TV broadcasters are all providers of passive entertainment and infotainment.

    Breitbart is a great feature provider for the web, but he runs into the problem demonstrated by this email. A large segment of America has been indoctrinated into believing the web is filled with misleading, half-truth theatrics as told them by those who are only little less obvious than Jon Stewart. Though, I gotta admit, that that MSNBC clip I posted yesterday is even more over the top than Stewart (irony of ironies. LOL).

  3. I reccomend the thin edge of a cricket bat to the base of the skull.


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