Thursday, September 16, 2010

Savage: Home Invasion of America

"It's as if America were dying from an auto-immune disease."

Save this podcast of the Michael Savage Show to your mp3 player and listen. Just today, put aside your prejudices for the messenger, or that you cannot stand the man's voice, or you believe him to be self-promotional in the extreme. You need to hear it so you can relate the key elements of it for the benefit of those you care about.

The theme -- reflected in the title of this post -- of the first two thirds of the show is laid out in the first 38 minutes of this tape (Wednesday, September 15 2010). At about 21 minutes, Mr. Savage switches from a single horrific example to the national aspects of the crime. Listen up to about one hour and 15 minutes and you will be better prepared. Mr. Savage analogizes what is happening to America to a horrible home invasion of a few years ago. The trial for first -- an allegedly least -- of the fiends is only now transpiring. Listen how he relates the small home invasion and the police response to the current threat to the nation and the response of our leaders.

IMO, this segment is better than classic Michael Weiner. If he stuck to this sort of programming, he'd surely remain a favorite target of the left and the less bold on the right, but he'd also be the topmost of the talk-radio hosts -- the ultimate spit-n-the-eye of our decadent establishmentarians.

Sadly, nobody could do this well every day.

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