Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Authoritarian Auto-destruct

Authoritarian adj:
  1. of, relating to, or favoring blind submission to authority.
  2. of, relating to, or favoring a concentration of power in a leader or an elite not constitutionally responsible to the people.

I am convinced some of you elected officials are not yourself authoritarian. The question you need to consider after November 2 is "will I stop being the tool of authoritarians?"

At the moment of your most bitter defeat in November, during Congress' lame-duck session:
  • Will you entrench in power further those who have used you thus far to gain power over decent, hard-working fellow Americans?
  • Will you tear down the last vestiges in the American Constitution that restrain government excess?
  • Will you permit the ruthless to drive you into auto-destruct mode and kill the American republic for them?
  • Or will you come to your senses and rebel against those who've shed their facade of creeping socialism so they can rush headlong to seize tyrannical powers?

Many of you have been made promises by those who claim to be your leaders and benefactors. You know from working with your leaders how they are two-faced liars. Will you proudly remain useful idiots and thus prove you are also stupid? Do you not know that it is far safer for you to trust the American people to treat you as former sinners begging to be forgiven?

One more thing. Many on the Right do not trust the Republican Party to behave like true conservatives. The GOP leadership has compromised itself with Statists in their ranks. It was Statists (allegedly on the Right) whose government growing failures helped bring into power the last two Leftist Congresses headed by the hated Pelosi and Reid, as well as ushering in the most Leftist President in American history.

If you give in to the power grab of the current "leaders" who will attempt to exploit your bitterness at having lost your Congressional seat, have no doubt that they will seek to harm you after they get what they want. First of all, because you are former leaders, you will be a potential threat to their leadership. Second and third, you know what they did to twist your arm and you know what grasping scheming creatures they really are. Thus you --  even more than those other useful idiots (on the Right) -- will remain a threat to those who have risen to authority.

  • Start thinking today about rebelling against the Statist agenda. 
  • Plan to resist the temptations and the coercion to force the Statist will on America during the lame duck period. 
Again, resist the temptation to aid the authoritarians with your own self-destruction. Real Americans will forever be in your debt, and I am certain if you also turn to God and ask His forgiveness for previously being so blind and deaf, He will forgive you too.

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  1. The Republicn party is currently being led and destroyed by the RINOS and Statists. The rest are cowards, or whores, or both. Conservatives have no leadership. Of all the Republicans in the House and Senate, only 2 people have fought for conservatives; DeMint and Bachmann. That is not enough.

    I believe rebellion will emanate from the "great unwashed"....the "flyover country" people. The rebellion will be manifested in the withdrawl of participation of individual states from federal intrusion. This may or may not start a civil war.


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