Monday, September 06, 2010

I'm Being Censored at PJM...

...or at least so it seems.

I frequently post at Belmont Club, a blog that became syndicated at Pajamas Media a few years ago. I sometimes do more posting there than here.

But lately I've been forced to email Wretchard, sometimes several times for the same comment stream, to free my post from the spam queue. It's been happening over the last several weeks roughly 3 out of every 4 submissions. Despite Wretchard's agreeableness and rapid response when he's around, it's more than troubling that my comment is delayed -- sometimes for hours -- and thus made untimely. It also creates referencing difficulties. When Wretchard finally frees it, it's introduced to the comment stream late, but in its time-stamp order. That messes up the numbering of the comments. It screws up everybody else who has already referred to a comment that appeared after mine before mine has been inserted.

But it's even worse at other PJM sites where my comments NEVER show up at all. There I don't have the long history I have with Wretchard, nor even the email address of the author.

For instance, when I attempted introduce this highly relevant item A Tool for Beating the Ministry of Lies at this PJM post by Charlie Martin, Glenn Beck Rally: How Big Was the Crowd?, it never showed up at all despite several attempts. If it were not for a reader of this blog, a link to my contribution would never have appeared there. As it was, it did not show up until very late in that comment stream (107 out of 115 unique threads, with almost 400 total comments). That means it was not seen by many others who could have seen it had it been permitted timely admission. Thus, whomever at PJM has put my name on the do-not-publish list prevented my work from reaching more eyes.

That, by hook (sloppiness) or by crook (deliberate but unannounced), is censorship folks. 

Now, this morning, I attempted to contribute to Michael Ledeen's thoughts on Islamists, How to Fight Them. As happened when I tried to post about the Glen Beck Rally, I didn't get the "your comment is awaiting moderation" that I used to get at most PJM sites. So it aroused my concerns that the following important bit of information would not get a chance to appear there.

Here it is my so far aborted entry:
"Indeed, we should emulate the French and forbid women to cover themselves in public."
The French are about to go further than that. They are taking the position that those who practice in-your-face Islam are acting as a political party whose agenda is to install Sharia in France via fait-accompli.

For more about that, go here:

I do not know or understand why I'm having this difficulty, as I'm no troll. Thus I thought you should know I'm having this difficulty.

I have added this comment to my "Be Wary" keyword list. Be wary of PJM as they seem to have something in common with The New York Times: They print all the news they deem fit for print.


  1. I have a similiar problem with my laptop at home, Pascal. I think it may have something to do with your Anti-Virus/Firewall/IdentitySecure software (if you have it).

    When I use a computer that is not mine, I get through just fine.

    just a thought.

  2. I've no idea why your comment was held up in moderation Cond. I only just found this and two others today accidentally.

    I think the problem lay with too long an address in the url. In future, when I want to use a complicated url, I go to and create a short one.


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