Monday, September 06, 2010

Wisely Learn from Others' Mistakes

In How to Fight Them, Michael Ledeen offers three suggestions on how to turn back the Islamist threat to America without using the courts because "we want to maintain our 1st Amendment rights."

His second and third suggestions were clever non-standard issue, calling for us to use immigration law in the manner that we have in the past, and to prosecute for financial limitations and rules that many Islamic movement leaders appear to be violating.

But it was his first suggestion, "to openly contest their odious doctrines and practices," that has already ignited Americans who feel betrayed by our dhimmi if not kafir politicians.  It was where Ledeen referred to actions of the French though, that prompted me to add my 2 cents.
"Indeed, we should emulate the French and forbid women to cover themselves in public."

The French are about to go further than that. They are taking the position that those who practice in-your-face Islam are acting as a political party whose agenda is to install Sharia in France via fait-accompli.

For more about that, go here (h/t Selwyn Duke):

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