Thursday, February 25, 2010

Synopsis of the Feb 25 Obama Summit

"President Barack Obama has sent out a call for Republicans and Democrats to work together in his administration." -- Andrew Klavan, What Liberals Believe.

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Summary of American Reaction to Obama's Request
Obama, Sinister Wingers, “Progressives” and Their Media
Everybody Else
Yeah Republicans! Stop complaining  and join with us.
Andrew’s grimace at the prospects works for us.


  1. I think Andrew missed one.

    "Liberals believe in each of us becoming a more responsible steward of our planet and it's environment, by reducing our "carbon foot print" and being more "pro-active" (OH how I hate that "word".) in our efforts to recycle. This, however, only applies to "the public at large", and not "the liberal elites" (see papal indulgences and the like ... they get a pass)."

  2. Guy, That's an excellent observation. You should post at Andrew's site for the sake of the record. You may encourage others to suggest other missing elements. What you've written sounds like part of his script, but is a bit too blunt.

    OTOH, sarcasm is lost when anyone behaves as brazenly as "Progressives" do today, so maybe Andrew is not blunt enough. (Two of his commenters thought he was too blunt with his “supercilious twits” repetitions at the beginning, because they dare not share it with liberal friends. IOW, by feeding his choir red meat he cut-off a wider audience.)

    I periodically need to reread the explanation of Pascal Fervor up there in my masthead to remember who it is that deserves ridicule. It is NOT our fellow Americans who live in the "liberal" propaganda clouds, it is the brazen power seekers who exploit the good intentions of those they think of as "useful idiots."

  3. Thank you for the kind words. I don't know if Andrew would like it, but I will drop it off there and see what happens.

    As far as sarcasm goes, heck we have so much of it here (my wife uses it almost daily *grin* ... *OUCH* why'd you do that sweetheart? Anyhow, there are quips flying about here daily. We all duck, cover and wince ... and we like it that way!

  4. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength." Once again we turn to George Orwell to understand the perverse need of liberals like me to reverse the meaning of words. As the author of 1984 knew, totalitarianism begins with the perversion of language.

    I'm a pervert, for sure.

  5. Wow, Pascal, you finally broke down and got the comment corrector that edits the comments to mean what the commenter truly wants to say.


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