Saturday, February 20, 2010

Who Exactly ARE the Retards?

Blogger is retarded for not allowing italics in its headlines. I had to resort to using all capital letters to show emphasis in my headline. This is the headline I wanted:

Who Exactly Are the Retards?

Of course, I'm retarded to make an issue of it. Certainly I've retarded this essay by delaying the substance of the issue I'm threatening to address but I keep retarding the start of it. So without further ado...

The word retarded is the traditional way English speakers referred to the slow amongst us. Today the preferred phrase is developmentally challenged. The word retarded has been designated as taboo by those who peddle PC. Most of you believe that means "Politically Correct." But, in reality, it means "Politically Cowered." Those who peddle PC have been counting on you being too retarded to notice.

For that matter, all of the wannabe ruling class think anyone below them is retarded. But they dare not say that. They engage in doublethink whenever they address you, and instead refer to you as "my fellow Americans" (and the reason they're smiling is they're suppressing the thought "who are lower in my concerns than my dog's shits"). So to help them remember not to utter that secret, that you're retarded, they've embarked on this campaign to make the word retarded taboo. You who use the word are evidently retarded, so don't dare use the word so that it reminds our rulers that you are indeed retarded. You might hurt your feelings. Of course, given their attitude about retards, you might be placed on the medical termination lists because of your retardation.

Isn't it reassuring that they wouldn't want to hurt your feelings by calling you retarded before they send you to the "showers?"

See, back in the early days of the "Progressive" Movement, when mostly Republicans were known as progressives, there was this woman named Margaret Sanger who worked diligently to make abortion legal. She founded Planned Parenthood. Today Planned Parenthood is one of the proudest operators of the abortion mills that the "Progressives" all so love. And among her admirers was this guy who came to Power in Germany a few years before WWII broke out. That guy had taken the chief "Progressive" concern -- that our planet was not only in danger of overpopulation, but in danger of being overpopulated by the wrong people -- and decided that his people were the only right people.

Yet even among his very fine people he had to admit that there were some retards. I'm not sure if he designated them along lines of various degrees like imbecile, moron, idiot, but he assuredly included those who didn't get with his program. After all, if you didn't like national socialism, you had to be retarded. Well, unless you're retarded (after all I am laboring this point) you get the idea. But since our wanabe rulers think you're retards, let me spell it out. That German guy didn't care about hurting their feelings. He simply called them retards. Oh, and he also called them useless eaters.

Well. What does one do with useless eaters? How about keeping them from eating? It would be retarded to let useless eaters eat wouldn't it? Or are you too retarded to get the picture here?

See, our "Progressives" who didn't like that German guy's selectivity still retained a selectivity of their own. They still get bent out of shape when lower entities in their purview -- I think they're called decent human beings -- choose not to abort their down syndrome babies. You say you don't believe me? Look at how all the "Progressives" like to ridicule Sarah Palin for choosing to give life to her last child who was known to be suffering Downs syndrome before he was born. We know and loath the Dems who laughed at her choice, but there were more than enough Pubbies who laughed too.

I am trying to make this satirical, but I fear I'm too retarded to pull it off.

The bottom line is that the Eugenicists who were sponsored by the "Progressives" always wanted perfect people, so the retarded were targeted.  They were to be prevented at best, and even killed when made necessary. Since American "Progressives" see the murders of normal children under the Chinese one-child policy as acceptable, who is so retarded to think they wouldn't do that here to the retarded if given the chance?

But the "Progressives" don't want you to use the word retarded, because the word would hurt feelings of the retarded. That presumes that the retarded are not so retarded that calling them retards actually hurts their feelings. So just in case, the "Progressives" are speaking out for all retards they know are too infantile to speak for their own feelings. See: our "Progressives" are so noble they will feel the hurt of the retards as if they themselves are retarded. (Hmmm. Often where there is smoke there is also fire. Well, I'm probably too retarded to pick up on it.)

But then also, the "Progressives" are counting on the likelihood that the retarded are so retarded they don't know the "Progressives" have a big red X over the continued existence of their kind. Hell, there are whole slews of normal humans who have been convinced to kill themselves by their deadly lifestyles. And then too there are normal human beings that the "Progressives" have convinced not to have their own posterity (for the real self-made retards: I mean children. Having and raising children IS a form of life extension for you morons who haven't figured that out yet).

Yes the "Progressives" don't even wish to hear retard from one who wishes to protect retards from the retarded "Progressives." Yes, that's it: the "Progressives" are retards. Here's the proof.

They think it is YOU who is too retarded to understand their vile intentions.
They think it is you who will never see what is behind their attacks on the JudeoChristian ethic and those who make the effort to practice it.

They attack human life sanctifying JudeoChristianity to further the interests of their new religion that they do not wish to admit even exists. But it evidently does exist. They know that were they to admit it, then all their efforts to promote their religion in the schools could be attacked as a violation of church and state. They NEED the state to put into effect the primal doctrine of their religion -- reduce human populations -- so mum is the word.

Their religion worships Sus, the god of sustainability. And it's a religion of the retarded as only people who have been heavily schooled to become retarded could be.

  • Their retarded belief in global warming. 
  • Their retarded belief in climate change. 
  • Their retarded belief in the incorruptibility of climatologists. 
  • Their retarded belief that Marxism/Socialism works. 
  • Their retarded belief that we believe they haven't been stealing tax dollars to give to their favored backers. 
  • Their retarded belief that we don't believe our votes are being cheated.
  • Their retarded belief that we don't know that inflation is the coward's way of taxing, and usually it's the poorest who are taxed the worst.
  • I could go on and on listing their retarded beliefs: like how they like violent Jihadis much more than meek Christians because the threat from Jihadis helps them concentrate Statist power and they think we're too retarded to notice.
  • Their retarded belief that they can fool all of the people all of the time.
In short our wannabe rulers don't want us to use the word retarded because it reminds them of what they are. And the truth hurts.


  1. I wasn't aware of Sarah back when she was pregnant with Trig. That's a difficult choice to make, I would think. Not really knowing, I would guess the majority of mothers presented with that information don't make the same decision she made. I admire Sarah for being strong in her personal convictions and faith...

    That said, I don't think she has any place in politics, whatsoever. She's far too thin skinned. And, if she honestly believes we all must revise our language to spare her phony insult... she's a retard.

  2. Since American "Progressives" see the murders of normal children under the Chinese one-child policy as acceptable, who is so retarded to think they wouldn't do that here to the retarded if given the chance?

    Liberals tend to be unmarried, childless professionals who live in the downtown core of major cities and find that getting pregnant is more of an inconvenience than a blessing. Conservatives tend to be blue-collar suburbanites or rural folk with several,if not many children. Among Mormons, and now Evangelicals many children is the rule rather than the exception. And most of those children are raised in such a way as they retain the faith of their father as well as his pro-life values. Blogger James Taranto says this gives rise to what he calls the "Roe" effect. What it boils down to is that pro-choicers are killing the next generation of pro-choice voters. It's the inexorable power of demographics. Liberal yuppies are not replacing themselves, while conservative believers are replacing themselves and then some. This is all Taoism 101. For every initiative there awaits a bigger counterforce waiting in the wings, which itself is dampened by a leveling drift. And so it goes.

  3. truebluegal:

    First of all, I was maybe the first to detect Palin Derangement Syndrome. At least one more time I posted my skepticism of the amount of vitriol directed at Palin. Both the overt (Dems) and covert (RINOs) Sinister Wingers have attacked her since McCain picked her. The very fact that she was McCain's pick ought make her true nature suspect for those of us who are fighting statism. The various times she has revealed statist tendencies has evoked her defenders to label those who point it out to be purists. Thus the vicious cycle of us conservatives remaining without a leader who at least speaks our language even if they later will find roadblocks to implementing all that they say. Conservatives are constantly being told that their ideas don't fly with the majority of voters, but we haven't had a chance to find out since the days of Ronald Reagan. Palin is no Reagan on several levels, but her supporters act as if she's the best that we can expect. Essentially what Palin supporters are saying is "a Ronald Reagan is too much to expect." Self. Fulfilling. Prophecy. Big Brother LOVES people with low expectations like that.

    However, I raised this issue now not because of Palin's dispute over the use of retard, feigned or honest, but due to the very PC nature of the complaint that existed prior to her complaint.

    The taboo nature of the word "retard" was already on record. Palin's complaint served us to bring others to notice the hypocrisy of "Progressives" in that they found no difficulty in violating the taboo themselves (as was the case with Seth McFarlane of "Family Guy.")

    But even that violation didn't bother me so much. "Progressives" want to bring pressure on EVERY woman to abort their retarded children. The Progressive taboo is not about saving the lives of retards -- that is MY taboo. The "Progressive" taboo is about not hurting the feelings of those they wish didn't even exist -- and would CEASE to exist. If the "Progressives" felt they could get away with it, and indeed, the ObamaCare had provisions to deny treatment to sufferers of Down's syndrome and other birth defects. (Right out of the doctrines suggested by Sanger and put into play by Hitler).

    So, in this instance, Palin was a tool for bringing to light what is bad about "Progressives" and their new religion, and also reminds us of what is good about Christianity and Judaism.

  4. Mom said the bus I rode to school was named after me.
    It was only years later that I found out what "Special Ed" really meant.


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