Thursday, February 11, 2010

Obama Set to Music

Andrew Klaven offered up hope for the hopeless today with his proposal for a new Broadway musical "President Me." Maybe it's only me, but I was fascinated by the way Andrew affected an off-key delivery that was excellently suggestive of our nation’s woeful status.

For the value of a grim chuckle or two in this our hour of "hope," it's probably worth a look.

If I had the talent I’d even go back and pepper in just the right strains from Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony to accompany those moments when he feigned to be upbeat. Listen to this excerpt from the second movement, between 2 and 4:50 minutes to get the idea. It begins with grand expectation.

I humbly believe that President Ø ought have "The Pathétique" dedicated to him -- certainly before his administration finishes the job on us.

Incidentally, Tchaikovsky committed suicide about a week after this symphony debuted.


  1. What a coincidence, I listened to Nutcracker today on my laptop at work, even though that's considered Christmas music.

    Also a big fan of Stravinski, Mussorgski, and Prokofiev.

    Isao Tomita did some good renditions of these guys on the Big Moog.

  2. "Quartz" above wrote:
    "I come newly ~ everybody may become friends"

    I can't be the only blogger to get Chinese comment spam. This is my second. Am I the only blogger who leaves it up? I'm hoping they might return with something germane.

    Oh, I get it: this thread was about hopeless hopers -- or something like that. @_@

  3. Nutcracker, being light and gay, is almost the exact opposite of his 6th Symphony. For both ambitious and entirely upbeat (not a hint of blue), I recommend turning to Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto. I think of it regarding him as I think of Beethoven's ninth: arguably his best work.


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