Saturday, February 06, 2010

Exploiting a Failed Business Practice

When bonuses are based upon the total of new business contracts instead of the total of new business receipts, the practice is wide open to exploitation and corruption.
  1. Socialists: "Lower your loan requirements so more people can own houses."
  2. Lenders: "Raise our reserve requirement from 8:1 to 40:1."
  3. Federal Agencies:  We don't see nothing.
  4. Congress: Everything is fine (S him TFU).
That, in summary. is how the socialists in government got the cooperation of bankers and investment managers to increase the risk by decreasing the requirements to give out loans. And they still are at it, and they will bankrupt the country even more unless they are brought to justice.

Good luck.

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  1. The first thing that needs to go is this concept called "Too Big To Fail" which creates a moral hazard. I wish I had a job where I get to pocket all my profits, and the government covers all my losses, but the Constitution doesn't enumerate that at a role of the Federal Government.


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