Friday, February 12, 2010

PSB Day 24 - Where is Tort Reformed Healthcare?

Three and half weeks have passed since Scott Brown won the Senate race in Massachusetts, and still no movement at the top of our great nation on meaningful health care reform.

Our leaders are too subject to the influence of the big money gamers of the current health care system. The politicians will not lead in the direction you want to go unless they continually hear from you.

I believe Og, the Neanderpundit, demonstrated what is necessary, and his readers have followed suit. The following are several points that Americans should be unafraid to repeat to their neighbors so that we eventually overcome the adverse effects of the Sinister Media's propaganda campaign against the most advanced health care available anywhere on earth.

So here’s a course of action that I think makes some ACTUAL sense.

The health care system has some really good things going for it here, and a few really bad things. Insurance as well has some major issues. And that has always been the source of one of my biggest complaints.
See, Doctors stick together, no matter how fucked up they are. There are a few good ones, a few bad ones, and a BUNCH of “ok” ones. But if one fucks up, they cover for one another, for the most part, and they do so so when they fuck up themselves, their “buds” will come to their aid. The only way to get any satisfaction from a dr is if he fucks up SO Bad that it goes to a lawsuit, and then, the LAWYERS get involved. Then all common sense goes out the window. As a corollary to this, people have become so litigious that they think they can get a big paycheck from every allergic reation they have to every damned medecine.

There is nothing in between. A dr fucks up a little, gets off Scot free. A Dr fucks up a lot, he gets sued back to the Cambrian era.

How about this? Instead of putting the wolves (Drs and lawyers) in charge of the sheep (us), we get that “in between” thing going on? Possibly a civilian review board of volunteers who examine cases of reported malfeasance on the part of the medical community- and here’s the tricky bit: Doesn’t fuck up everyone's life when someone screws up. it happens all the time, and if it gets caught and the community gets the reprimand IT DESERVES when it deserves it, instead of “nothing or giant lawsuit” then there just might be a little improvement of the quality of medical care. Let’s try THAT for a year or ten, and if it helps, let’s take a look at the abuses to the system done by insurance companies.
Then we have Dick's observation:
It’s not about the insurance, or those folks’ health care. It’s about control, which is exactly why I’m ready to fight.
Then we have Gerry N
Tort reform. Cap damages.

Cap the Lawyer’s take. Make the loser pay all costs.

String Edwards up by his nuts. (Ya, I know. I’m just dreamin’ here.)

Make health insurance purchasable across State lines.

Get the .gov out of the picture.
MTS1 adds

A story about a nurse who might go to jail for 10 years for blowing the whistle on an allegedly malpracticing doctor.

I’d like to know why the medical profession (you know, the AMA and the like) have yet to speak out about a plan that solves the biggest problems. Why can’t they find a way to self-police, and not by doctors telling other doctors, create a whole new job class of medical evaluators (the police have internal affairs depts.), or something. It’s almost as if they want nationalized care.
Well MTS, either that or you might get to thinking they'd want us all to die early or something, eh? 

In short:

Shout of the need for meaningful reforms from the rooftops.

This is the way to make it clear you want to control your own future, not some health care distribution bureaucracy located where they can never know you personally and understand your concerns for your loved ones. If you don't want to be treated like a statistic, don't dare let DC* statisticians gain control of your health maintenance.

*Incidentally, DC is the abbreviation both for District of Columbia and for Death Cultists. You just may wish to keep that "coincidence" in mind.

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  1. Imagine everyone who wins the lottery must pay a part of their proceeds to a lobbyist group that fights measures in the state capitol to ban the lottery or at least roll it back, including million dollar payouts to the campaigns of those legislators who stand on maintaining the lottery, and advertisements demonizing legislators who emphasize the toll of gambling addiction on society at large. That's Big Tort, in a nutshell, because those lawyers and their clients (and the congressmen they have in their pocket) are in it for the big payouts.


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