Tuesday, February 02, 2010

And Sometimes The Moles Reinvigorate the Right

The other day I complained of Michael Medved's glib misinformation that could have been deliberate disinformation if he has been pretending to be a reformed radical leftist.

Well today, his kindred jackass-lover on Salem Broadcasting, Hugh Hewitt, denigrated a true statement as being anti-cop. Here are some highlights from my friend Og the Neanderpundit's letter of complaint to the local radio station.
A caller remarked ‘When seconds count, police are minutes away” Hugh made the comment, agreeing with an Aryan Nation ex-con that this was ‘Crazy talk” and that it “Denigrates cops.” 
... the statement is provably, demonstrably, irrefutably true....  A good cop will quote the statement to you. A great cop will tell you how to secure your home and give yourself the couple of minutes it takes the cop to get there, a superior cop will take you to the range and show you how to exercise your second amendment rights to make sure that you are safe until the police arrive.
 I've complained of Salem a smattering of times, and specifically of Hewitt quite some time ago. The point is that there are talkshow hosts who are nominally Republican, and thus nominally conservative -- precisely in the manner of Arlen Specter.

At any rate, when jackasses like this say things that sound like they're members in good standing with the daily Kos, you know you are glad that you've been skeptical about them for a long time.

Thus I consider it a good thing that Hewitt displayed his anti-gun thinking like the good statist sympathizer I've always felt he was. Knowing he's behaving like a mole now can counteract a lot of damage he's done over the years. Damage like making the individuals on the Right feel isolated. See? He has been trying for years to make you feel out of touch. But the problem was him all along.

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  1. My problem with Hugh Hewitt is that he's perfectly willing to go with the RINOs like Arlen Specter or Mitt Romney just to get his GOP team elected rather than stick to conservative principles. He's not going to fare so well in the new Tea Party Order.


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