Monday, February 01, 2010

PSB Day 13 - Where is Tort Reformed Healthcare?

Or maybe I should start asking in my headlines "where is the Scott Brown you thought you had?"

Scott Brown records robocall for John McCain re-election bid

Well, as I've stated in an earlier post in this PSB series: Our leaders are too subject to the influence of the big money gamers of the current health care system. The politicians will not lead in the direction you want to go unless they continually hear from you. And that applies to all those who exhibit RINO behavior. If you wish for them to act more conservatively (for the individual) and less establishmentarian (for the largest sources of money), YOU must lead them.

McCain and his backers are determined to hold the seat in RINO hands and have called out the hounds on his primary opponent.

Those Tea Party members who have not yet caught on (and for whom Scott Brown ought be most grateful for so much money that made his a winning campaign) will probably catch on that J.D. Hayworth is a real conservative and antithesis to Juan McCain. There is hardly a more conservative state than Arizona (excepting all the illegal voting). Good luck Arizona. The rest of the nation is praying (and more) that you overcome the RINO forces.

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