Friday, October 09, 2009

Sitting President Accepts Big Money Gift

[Updated]As this is the Age of Obama, I am sure President Barack Hussein Obama's acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize is legal.

How do I know? Because in the few hours this has been bandied about I've not yet heard anyone raise ILLEGAL GIFTS as an issue.

That is all for now.

I just Googled and came up with
Information No results found for "dilbert principle presidency".

For those unfamiliar with the Dilbert Principle, it states (roughly): Take the Peter Principle one step further: the Dilbert Principle is exemplified by someone being raised all at once to his level of incompetency without ever having experienced a level of competency first.

I think in our crazy postmodernist world, this is my favorite explanation for how those crack Norwegians could bestow their Nobel Peace Prize on BHO: they eagerly recognized one of their own. /sarcasm [tag added for the incompetent.]

*********Update 2*********
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10.09.09 - 10:14 am | # 
It's slowly dawning on others too. If Congress allows the gift (which I think they can and only they can allow -- how did Barack accept so quickly?) will that be Obama's Augustest moment? All hail Cæsar.

*********Update 3*********
I posted the text of this thread and its link at the Belmont Club as post 109.

Later, JM at post 130 provided me a reason to follow up
132. Pascal Fervor Oct 9, 2009 - 12:11 pm:

jim Nicholas @ 130: he was given the prize in an attempt to influence geopolitics.
To be fair, that IS inherent in the name of the prize.

That’s why I raised the issue. Money given to the American top dog (are we to believe it was not given to affect his policy decisions?) is what makes an issue of it. The money should not have been offered directly — that is if anyone in world politics still gave a damn about appearances.

APPEARANCE of corruption was once enough to drive a leader from office. What a joke! When the media is in the government’s control, expect two minutes hate to be directed at those who spot the conflict of interest.

I’ve been informed [Thank you Ed Bonderenka] that Obama will pass the gift off to charity. It was still given to him directly so he can choose the charity. Gee, I wonder what "charity" he’ll pay off? Rev Wright? Planned Barrenhood? ACLU?
Then 134. Tcobb (12:36 pm): spotted Bama's most favorite: ACORN most likely–probably through the back door.


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  1. My buddy and I have been discussing that (we agree) as we tile my kitchen. Now O says it goes to charity. Shouldn't it go to treasury?
    Now he can declare it as a charitable contribution. Another year tax free.


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