Friday, October 30, 2009

For the Handful of People Smart Enough To Understand This, Not One of Whom Is "raygun"

They know how to bleat "death panels" with a guffaw, but haven't a clue that they're being led by Judas goats.

Thanks to Og for inspiring me to summarize his insight -- from our conversation.


  1. Oh dear God, I made the front page..

    Where is Miss Anne?

  2. Dear cons, regarding "Judas" and "bleating", do you think animals (who bleat) are that much different than humans (who have God)?

  3. Oh og you god, or the incurious dog ("The Case of the Curious Dog"), where art thou?

    What do you cons actually read, besides history and the bible?

  4. Amazing innit? What's most amusing is that it applies equally well to both sets of retards.

  5. Regarding cons excessive zealousness with history and the bible, seems to me they have a father fixation. The Founding fathers, the father in heaven, and their own fatherhood dominates their thinking.

    Cons like telling others what to do. Whether it's how to be morally upright, don't do drugs, homosexuality, the list is long. But they carp incessantly about freedom, although your father in heaven condoned slavery, and many founding fathers had slaves.

    The incongruity of their beliefs and the resulting cognitive dissonance it creates, is truly spectacular, and explains why cons behave the way they do.

  6. Comon cons, are you fighting goblins tonight? Are you fighting a war on reality?

  7. I have a feeling og is out there celebrating Halloween, just like most of the other Christian zealots, as contrary as that may sound.

  8. Pascal, finished the post I was talking to you about. You can check it out here.

  9. The raybitch turd again...
    Boy, you're nothing but a cancer.
    Hope ya die painfully and your momma hates your guts.

  10. Dick, why do I feel your problem is more Oedipal in nature?

    Maybe because your mammey named you Dick?

  11. Sheesh, from father concerns to mother concerns, da troll sure do flip flop from one extreme to the other! *And yes, I am saying Raygun and Reaper are one in the same.*

  12. Ah you simpering con dogs, you all understand so little.

    And, I think Pasc is depressed again.

    I have an email address for you Pasc. I just don't want the crazy dog og to get it, you have to promise. Plus the little Dick guy also.

  13. Pasc, I wonder if he has any idea who dick is? ROFLMAO! "Simpering". What a hoot. What do you suppose idiot boy here wants us to understand? How cozy his head is up Pelosi's ass? Perhaps how comforting it is to suckle st the teat of the whore of babylon.

    I'd love to see him call Dick "Simpering" to his face. I would pay a lot of cash to see that happen. The hospital bills are his own, though.

  14. og and the Dick, why are you cons all so belligerent? But on the other hand, everyone knows cons are generally chicken hawks. Another case of extreme irony. I personally think it has to do with childhood mother and father issues. w is the perfect example.

    Pasc, Vonnegut has 2 new books out. Short stories/essays, and so far excellent. He was such a great example of peace without the need for God.

  15. Vonnegut? Oh, you mean that Nihilist dressed up as humanist asshat, whose greatest claim to fame is the phrase "So it goes"?

    That Vonnegut?

    Granted, he saw more than his fair share of willful destruction and misery at Dresden. And that had to have flavored his thoughts and actions for the rest of his life. But he was not the first or the last to have been exposed to the darker side of humanity, the paths he chose to follow are of his own free will.

    So it goes ... indeed.

  16. My father in law was on a bomber over Dresden. He armed the bombs right before they were released. And funny (as you mentioned free will), I tell him, you tried to kill Vonnegut, and he says back, "you just do what your told".

    I may have to come trolling on your site as Pasc is in another deep depressive funk, or so it seems. I think Miss Anne has been haunting him again.

  17. "WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) - With the establishment of government-mandated death panels just days away, grandmothers began fleeing the United States in record numbers today, reports Fox News.

    "I am never one to yell "Fire" in a crowded theater, said Fox News host Glenn Beck. "But run for your lives!"


    Read more at:


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