Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Left Hand of Statists

Where merit and valor are sneered at, you get less of it.
That is the ending to the last comment at the Belmont Club thread about awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Hussein Obama.

Wretchard, ever proving to be one wise cat, chose that line to cut off further comments to his post that began with this sentence The Nobel Committee thinks that President Obama is advancing the cause of peace. 

Today, this item by Just A Grunt helps explain further what the Left leaning world means by peace.
Aiding Persian persecution

Last week Barack Obama decided to defund an organization called the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center and it hasn't taken long to see the effects. Yesterday the Iranians announced the sentencing to death of 3 people who participated in the street protests in the wake of the recent elections.

In fact, about the only complaint I have with Just A Grunt’s presentation is that he underplayed the role of he who must by now be the leading vote getter for the Heisman trophy.

I've said it before in various ways, and sadly I'll continue to find news that exemplifies it and provide me new ways of saying it:
Global Statists believe you and those you love are members of a herd overly large in numbers. For them, the only real peace comes after a rapid increase in graves.

Borrowing from Wretchard's observation and taking it one step further: Within the halls of our mutually elevated elites, expressing any real love, pity and sorrow for individuals is sentiment beneath contempt.

This is the consequence of there being no well organized opposition to what Thomas Sowell called The Vision of the Anointed. Inflated egos have carried too many souls into that inhuman condition of which C.S.Lewis warned in The Abolition of Man.  Made ever more brazen by baseless accolades of those who rule the media, those at the helm of state are being encouraged to act as rulers. "You own the White House and both houses of the legislature, so ram your will through." From a perch that is above humanity, what rights does a mere human possess that megalomaniacs will recognize?

That's the Left hand of Statists. The Right hand doesn't want to ruffle any feathers, so they work incessantly to still your concerns. "Just shut up and take it."

Speak out whilst yee still may.

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