Saturday, October 17, 2009

As If In Answer to a Prayer

I apologize for my extended absence. I have not abandoned my pledge, going back to early July, to increase my participation in the fight. I had good reason for silence -- I was seeking advice from some knowledgeable and talented friends before publishing about what I consider to be a very important issue.

A couple of days ago an idea struck me as if in answer to this prayer.
Dear Lord, lead us in the paths that will thwart those who divide us.
Since I still call myself agnostic, this probably is no miracle, but more like a sudden awakening to a purpose. However, it may be proper for you to offer thanks to Him should you find my efforts at all beneficial.

I began putting together what may be a multi-part essay, but I am trying to keep it to a single entry and powerful. I'm told that much of what I'm writing about is not really new. However, I've searched for others who have dealt with the topic, and I don't see anyone suggesting that you might consciously take note and do something about it, and for you to seek out and get help from others who are like minded.

If I complete it soon, it will be the next entry in my series "Statist Tools."


  1. "I still call myself agnostic,"
    I was once an agnostic. You may remain one, or like I did (which doesn't make me superior in any way), you may see such answers to honest prayer as indicators that God really exists. When you are convinced of that, is it not your obligation to find Him?
    You've inspired me to post something. Thanks.

  2. We will see if my prayer is answered after I publish. As you may recall, my prayer was not for my benefit alone. As it now stands, I personally have gotten grief from my efforts, already, even before it's finished. So maybe this isn't the answer to my prayer. Or perhaps it is. Like I said, we will see.

    There are many levels of understanding Ed. I have here somewhere a thread wherein I state that it is incontestable that the concept of God exists. Not a god; The God.

    I may eventually complete a collection of facts that demonstrate how that concept alone may be the most important fact nowadays that we may know as mortals. As I see it, God has promised not to make any more personal appearances until it is too late. I've played with making the case before. It makes me very uneasy.

    In other words Ed, He may have allowed me to find all that He wishes for me to find. I have been attempting to share that with others, as that would be my obligation.

    Rep RayGun responded to my prayer by mocking it in a typical trollish manner. Rep's prayer "Dear Lord, why do you divide us with your words, which won't unequivocally tell us your will?" ignores that he knows the difference of right from wrong. IOW, now that we may know right from wrong, it is our duty to glean from that what God wants from us. Rep's "prayer" complains that God's will is ambiguous. I claim otherwise. But that plaint is what reveals Rep to be a creature of the Left doesn't it Ed?

    As the story relates, through appeal to human ego, willfully unbridled, Adam permits entrance of an inclination to evil. Adam "blessed" our kind with the knowledge of the difference between good and evil. That was a skill that our Father told us not to acquire. But we went and did it anyway, and now we know.

    Even though Rep knows, as we all do, right from wrong, his response plays at acting like he does not, or that he is confused.

    Let there be no confusion. Rep may have let his conscience become calloused so that he believes state thievery cannot be theft, and must be just. But if it were just, right and not wrong in His eyes, there would have been no need for Rep's kind to repeatedly modify justice with the words "social justice."

    If they were right, what they call social justice would always have been included in the word, and thus justice would need no modifier.

    We are told that the Jacobin philosopher, Jean Jacques Rousseau, was a twisted man. How fitting that his creation, "social justice" is a twisted lie.

    So Ed, Rep has demonstrated with his mockery how much the Left has embraced all the inclinations we have been reminded to avoid in the Ten Commandments. We have blessed ourselves to know His Will, but some of us pretend we don't know It so that we may trick others into letting us violate It and to help us mislead others to violate It for our benefit.

  3. Oh my God.

    Do you all ever even read the bible? What are its main precepts, in order? I am curious as to what you all think they are. Please list them:


    3, Thats far enough for me.

    You all ever hear of Bono?

    I am going to listen to him now...

  4. ROFLMAO! Pasc, do you think he knows Bono has gone back to Christianity, has embraced Jesus? I wonder how that changes his tweaked little worldview.

  5. "Pasc, do you think he knows Bono has gone back to Christianity, has embraced Jesus?"
    Cmn Og, help me out. "back to Christianity", in U2s last album?

  6. Blogger Brandon said...

    Well I am leaving for Ireland in the morning. I will see you guys when I get back!

    Blogger RayGun said...

    Have fun BB, if yee see Bono, say hi fer me..

    Funny og, happened like 2 secs ago...

  7. Funny og, God is talking to us>

  8. Rep: Funny og, God is talking to us>

    Og, does God talk to trolls?

    Is it a man or a troll who mocks God by asking men what they think He expects?

    I could be wrong, but it is my experience that MEN share what THEY think God is asking rather than quizzing other men.

  9. og, bono wants to help the poor, as good Christians should.

  10. is og the dog a wanna be god? his name spelled backwards, "dog", certainly seems to indicate that.

    Is this comment going to be deleted?

  11. I'm always amused by the anti-theists. Not one I've seen has ever even been able to keep hs own story straight.

  12. I have way better stuff than this:

    And Pasc, they talk about you. Number 46..

  13. JC, you crazy cons, Pasc and Og for sure; Have you ever seen "Whatever Works"?

    You will never get it I am pretty sure. The movie has to be at least nominated for something, best comedy, something.

    GD, Pasc, even Miss Ann was in the movie... Og, you are in there also.

    And a genius was the main character. Forget it, way over your heads.

  14. The bibles main precepts, in order;

    1) Love HIM.
    2) Help the poor.
    3) Money is the root of all evil.

    Hmmm, how many cons understand the bible?

  15. Dear God, why are your words so hard to understand for so many cons? Could it be true, that the cons real God is Mammon? Please Lord, help them see the light.


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