Monday, October 05, 2009

The Sound of Rulers

Should we Americans not find the key to the lock that moneyed influence has on our primaries and elections, we better get used to hearing: "Whether you like it or not!"


  1. I'm at a loss for words.
    Prayer might be more effective than money at this point.

  2. Dear Lord, lead us in the ways to bind us so as to thwart those who seek power by dividing us.

  3. I like that one.

  4. JC Pasc, who are "those"? Not the money grubbers apparently. The human haters? The trilateralists? I give up, please tell me so I can be on the lookout.

  5. You're off-topic as usual Ray, but I'll address your "not the money grubbers apparently."

    Who granted them a reprieve? Certainly not I.

    Particularly not the ones who steal their gains with the aid of those in government. And those in the government who've engorged themselves, they most especially deserve condemnation.

    The Left invented the demon they call "social justice." They use it to highlight and exploit divisions amongst us; and use it, of course, to steal -- the worst of the money grubber.

    These facts are far too often ignored by you and those with whom you appear to ally. Why? Are you a theif?

  6. Maybe since I can't hear your video I am off target.

    Does your "social justice" include universal health care?

  7. "And those in the government who've engorged themselves"


    And Pasc, the right are usually the ones fat with money. The left tends to be a lot poorer. And I agree with you, the right is definitely in love with money and corrupt :-)

    And the right pretends to love God, but don't like to read much, especially the good book. The left pretends to believe in God.


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