Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fair Warning to NY23

A combination of circumstances, attitudes on display, and personal experience compels me to offer this warning.

Expect widespread voter fraud in favor of the Democratic candidate for Congress, and expect the GOP to not only look the other way, but to obstruct any oversight, whether it be by Conservative Party leaders who have a candidate in this race (Doug Hoffman) or independents who wish to see some breaks in the lock the Democratic/Republican Parties have on everything from the electoral process to governing itself, or even lay Republicans dissatisfied with all leadership in DC.

I don't have a foolproof solution for you watchdogs. The best advice I can offer is to be very certain who you trust, and to watch your backs in any event. If your candidate is a good one, and you do the right things, at least you will feel Him by your side when push comes to shove.


  1. Sorry, Palin endorsed him so he must suck.

    All anyone has to do is pin Hoffman down on where he is actually going to make all these cuts, and he will fail. Talk of cuts are just that, talk. Ask RayGun or w.

  2. Lay off Palin.

    (tst Fedora 12, Firefox 3.5)

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  4. TxAss, why should we lay off Palin? Your stupid state gave us w and now we are just supposed to sit idly by while she blathers more folksy idioms of nonsense? Haven't you cons done enough damage to the US?

  5. "This book tour [Palins] has only reinforced the tabloid aspects of her profile, wasted a platform to add substance, driven deeper the schisms in the Republican party and sucked the oxygen out of the room for anyone else to emerge. So, God bless,"

    DNC Press Secretary Hari Sevugan.

  6. Jon Stewart gave what seemed like his final word on Sarah Palin last night, explaining to Fox News pundits that he doesn't dislike her because she's from Alaska or because she hunts, but because "when you peel back the pretty, shooty layers of the Palin onion, there's no onion. It's just a conservative boiler plate mad lib: 'Freedom is good and taxes are--ooh I need an adjective--how about, I don't know, silly?' And the worst part it's a mad lib delivered as though it were the hard-earned wisdom of a life well lived," he explained.



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