Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Statist Tools: Do Not Love Your Brother

STOP with this Death Panel stuff.
It's not true. 

In response to this plaint from a loved one, I offered the following video.

I do not yet know what response I will get. I am not hopeful. At some point it must become clear that an ostrich likes to stick its head in the sand.

In general I am forced to come to the following two major conclusions about those who back ObamaCare despite all the dangers inherent within it.

First, there are those who ideologically like the idea of government running of all things. As you know, I am convinced that those at the top of this ideology see Statism's threats to individuals not as a bug but a feature.

And then there are those who  have a problem or expect a problem or have been made to fear a problem for themselves or others under the current system and are expecting the new arrangements to bail them out. They fail to see the role of government is bringing about the current problems because those in government place all the blame on "the free market." Those who believe our current health care system is "free" of government regulation, and not see that the problems as consequences that are significantly tied to those regulations, cannot be that ignorant. They had to be "educated" to be that blind.

a despot easily forgives his subjects for not loving him, provided they do not love each other. -- De Tocqueville

Dear Lord, lead us in the ways to thwart those who divide us.


  1. "Dear Lord, lead us in the ways to thwart those who divide us."

    Dear Lord, why do you divide us with your words, which won't unequivocally tell us your will?

  2. Excellent mockery by Rep.

    In a manner typical of trolls, Rep's prayer "Dear Lord, why do you divide us with your words, which won't unequivocally tell us your will?" plays as if he denies that he knows right from wrong, good from evil. IOW, because now that we may parse evil from good, it is our duty to glean from that how God wishes for us to choose to behave.

    Rep's "prayer" complains that God's will is ambiguous. I claim otherwise. But that plaint is what reveals Rep to be a creature of the Left doesn't it?

    As the story relates, through appeal to human ego, willfully unbridled, Adam permits entrance of an inclination to evil. Adam "blessed" our kind with the knowledge of the difference between good and evil. That was a skill that our Father told us not to acquire. But we went and did it anyway, and now we know.

    Even though Rep knows, as we all do, right from wrong, his response plays at acting like he does not, or that he is confused.

    Let there be no confusion. Rep may have let his conscience become calloused so that he believes state thievery cannot be theft, and must be just. But if it were just, right and not wrong in His eyes, there would have been no need for Rep's kind to repeatedly modify justice with the words "social justice."

    If they were right, what they call social justice would always have been included in the word, and thus justice would need no modifier.

    We are told that the Jacobin philosopher, Jean Jacques Rousseau, was a twisted man. How fitting that his creation, "social justice" is a twisted lie.

    So, Rep has demonstrated with his mockery how much the Left has embraced all the inclinations we have been reminded to avoid in the Ten Commandments. We have blessed ourselves to know His Will, but some of us pretend we don't know It so that we may trick others into letting us violate It and to help us mislead others to violate It for our benefit.

  3. Nice Pasc, well written and in English. I'll get back to you.

  4. Pasc: As we all know, God's will is utterly unambiguous. The only ambiguiety is enforced from outside; how humans choose to interpret His will. It is clearly those who seek to "interpret" who choose to infer their own prejudices and thus divide. The divisiveness is of itself evil, and is the cause of most of the shit we're in today. And that is their point- whether it's satan himself or merely the machinations of Amalek, or the radical anti-theists (boy, aren't they in for a surprise!) it's all about taking from those who believe that which they know, in their hearts, they are incapable of acheiving on their own. Nice essay.


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