Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Recovering from the Political Correctness Disease [Updated]

I was in the midst of writing what I consider an important essay titled "Reassessing Fundamentals" when news of the Fort Hood murders came to my attention.

Not only did I not finish it on 5 Nov, but I also had two other efforts I had started on 3 Nov and 1 Nov respectively with the revealing working titles "I'm sorry that I'm not completing my screeds," and "A Sign of Frustration."

I wasn't in a funk due to what was about to happen. No, I don't believe I was so clairvoyant this time. I was having difficulty because I feel that Orwell's warning, "the purpose of Newspeak is to destroy man's reasoning ability," required a more active counter-offensive. Before I could move on I wanted to reassess fundamentals of our language so that I could help lift the clouds on our minds.

Funny thing now that I consider it. Political Correctness is a form of Newspeak, with its inherent double-think of "better not say that." PC has long been in our schools and in our media (even much of "conservative" talk radio) and in most of all in our politicians. And now it is clearly at the very top of our military. It is what made the massacres at Fort Hood all that more inevitable -- and thus even more outrageous.

So I stopped writing what I was working on and moved around the web to add to the comments at various sites. I think I helped form thoughts at those places, and that's really what a writer hopes to achieve, gaining scarce credit or even no credit.

From the first my comments attacked the reports that had one voice after another calling the event a tragedy. I called it an outrage for a number of reasons, especially the gall of an army officer and presumed gentleman to act as if he were a cloaked spy; worse: an infiltrator bent on murdering enlisted men who were trained to respect and trust his rank. His act was so rank.

But in retrospect, as the role of the PC climate came to light, along with its diversity and multicultural aims, Political Correctness has finally begun to appear to be the worst element present. PC was the murdering Hasan's silent partner. Political Correctness was the institutional disease that was Hasan's great enabler.

That is the conclusion I hope all in America, the very many who still love her, will arrive at on their own. I give up trying to convince anyone who is viscerally unable to arrive at this same conclusion by using their own God-gifted commonsense . If commonsense and a core personal survival instinct cannot convince my fellow Americans, what chance do I have?

Here's how you will know when America is on the road to recovery from this disease. It could be very soon if Americans simply demand this first thing.

Even before Hasan is found guilty and executed, Political Correctness in our armed forces -- and all its concomitant poison -- must be executed long before he is.

Michael Ramirez on Hasan's un-indicted co-conspirator downloaded from Townhall's archive.

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  1. Nice. Glad I got to read this before your turdbot commented; had he been the only one to read this it would have been the worst kind of pearls-for-swine irony.

  2. Check out my update.

    I'm glad that Ramirez in on the same page as I, because it adds to my hope that a huge number of Americans now see how the PC belief people have enabled the strangling of all that has made their life so good up until recently.

  3. "Political Correctness was the institutional disease that was Hasan's great enabler."
    Isn't God once again the problem? Didn't the murderer shout out Allah's name while committing the heinous crime?

    GD Pasc, I thought you had died.

  4. Pasc, you must admit one thing, I am not PC.

  5. LMAO. History is replete with monsters who committed atrocities all while swearing it was for Him.

    Of all the rotten ways of violating His third commandment, that one surely carries a high price.

    Meanwhile, the 20th Century killed 100 million people in the name of man's isms. That proves that death dealing has been a human disease all along. And you STILL choose to associate yourself with the worst killer of all time: the ideology of the Left.

    Whom are you trying to fool Rep?

  6. "History is replete with monsters who committed atrocities all while swearing it was for Him. "

    But Pasc, Him or rather his good books, which are His words, tells hundreds of times to kill, and often in His name.

  7. Nice try at changing the subject Rep.

    This post is about the affect of PC -- another poisonous product of the Left.

    And so I guess this needs repeating: you, RayGun, STILL choose to associate yourself with the worst killer of all time: the ideology of the Left.

  8. The biggest PC of all times is keeping quite about religion else you might offend some poor soul (Yes, I know the Left has been extremely accomodating to one religion -- Islam -- but then, that is what would one expect from the cowards of the Left.)

    How many millions have the dems killed? I know Iraq is good for at least 150 thousand (Of course, left-wing instigated Rules of Engagement are responsible for the majority of deaths. What can an honest Leftist one do? When the Left has any influence, death tolls rise. Que sera sera.)

  9. "cowards of the Left"
    Good one, considering all the chicken hawks on the right. [This from the "brave" hypocrite who dares not even have a free yahoo/Aim/hotmail/gmail account or blogspot to which others can address him.]

    I think [don't hurt yourself Dr. ASSertion.] the right wing chicken hawk army is like the 11th largest in the world [there ya go again teabagging for the treasonous leftwing]. Thank God all they do is talk loud. [Funny, but it's your leftwing which inhabits the loudspeaker hogging Minitrue and has done the shouting for YEARS.]

  10. JC Pasc, seems the Apostles were about as close to socialists as you can get. [And each time they suggested it, Jesus would reprove them with words like "Get thee behind me Satan."Did yee not get the message yet bub?]

    You really think God loved freedom so much? [absolutely] Freedom to choose if you believe in Him but that's about it. [What a foolish thing to say. Even if you don't believe in Him you are free to do so. But JC Rep, expecting a Leftwinger to accept the consequences of his choices is the problem. The only way you can see yourself as unfree is... !!! Watsamatta? Is Pascal's Wager troubling you bub?]

    Otherwise He condoned slavery, including selling ones own children. [You demonstrate ever more ignorance by bringing that up. God's limits on slavery and slaveholders were far more benign than the socialist hells that your wing has visited upon the earth.]

  11. As I have said before, political correctness has been making itself quite comfortable in government circles, and specifically the military, for quite some time now (at least the last 40 years, in earnest).

    That it has so besotted the highest levels of leadership (???) ... err, command may also signify why there has been no major outspokenness about the eligibility and suitability of the current commander in chief (Yeah, I know that should be capitalized, but he doesn't rate it.).

    More anon.

  12. Thanks Guy. I'm sure you have commented on it many times as us little guys witnessed and suffer from it long before the big shots are ever forced to take notice.

    You may recall I've likened the institutional rotters as termites in numerous instances either on this blog or at the various sites I visit. Few if any ever pushed that conclusion with its supporting evidence into the spotlight.

    Just to prevent your not seeing HOW weak is the big sissy, here is brilliance to balance it out and ease your soul. The latest entry at the Belmont Club. Wretchard wrote the speech that duhbumma SHOULD have made were he one of us.

    First of all, I would like to apologize, as Commander in Chief and on behalf of the entire chain of command, for failing to protect the men who were shot here some days ago. The specific shortcomings which allowed the shooter the opportunity to commit this crime will determined and rectified forthwith. That is the least I can do for those who died.


  13. You will frequently hear believers make the following rationalization:

    Suppose you are right. Suppose there is no God. Then when I die as a believer, I have lost nothing. I just die, as a man that devoted his life to love and morals. But if you, as a non-believer, are wrong and I am right, you have to spend an eternity in hell. See, I have nothing to lose, but you have everything to lose.

    This argument is best known as Pascal's Wager.

    The problem with this line of reasoning is that there are thousands of gods that humans have imagined. A person who believes in Allah can make this statement, and so can a person who believes in God, and so can a person who believes in Vishnu. This multitude of fictional beings shows the silliness of the argument. There is no way to know which god to choose, because there is no evidence whatsoever indicating that any of them exist.

    The fact is that religion is delusion. All human gods are imaginary. By believing in an imaginary god, a believer has not "lost nothing." Believers commit themselves to a lifetime of delusion, instead of committing their lives to reality.

    What's wrong with reality Pasc?

  14. You're fortunate Rep in that Sigivald made your observation last week here: http://neanderpundit.com/?p=3306

    I answered him -- and you -- there pretty comprehensively.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. What a maroon. Do what you want, pascal, but I'd suggest you just delete his comments until he comes back with some understanding of who Allah is.

  17. Come off of it Rep. Your Leftwingers have simply redirected human faith from God to Nature.

    Their lazyman piety is "Leave Nature to operate on its own, without human interference, and she'll return Earth to the paradise it once was before man despoiled her."

    The complete version of your sentence is "god is dead and so it's up to us to let Nature take her throne."

    That is your belief system in a nutshell.

    You leftwingers have merely substituted Nature for God, (and your almighty state will be her protector).

  18. "God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?"

    "the essence of reality."


  19. Hey og, why don't you pray to God to have Pasc delete my comments, and no matter what happens you can give Him credit.

  20. Let's hear your answers to Nietzsche's questions Rep. One by one.

  21. Reality, when applied correctly can answer all his questions.

    But he probably meant them as rhetorical questions, don't ye think?

  22. The questions apply only to the "we" of the stipulation. Nietzche included himself, and a reader here must presume you have accepted the assertion too. So answer as ye are in position to report to us.

  23. "God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him"

    We created and killed God in our own minds Pasc. Man is now free from him. Don't you like to be free Pasc?

    Maybe not, as most right wing fascist types only like the type of freedom they dictate. That's why the wing zealot armies are always so big.

  24. "Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us?"

    If this question is indeed rhetorical, as you say Rep, then you are actually deluding yourself when you think you have done it because the task is too great.

    Atheists and theists, respectively doomed or damned, would be the destiny seen by N for those seeking to accomplish the deed you claim to have accomplished.

  25. I just take him for his word.

    "God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him".

    You going to take what he literally says and twist it like the right wing nuts do with the bible?

  26. "I just take him for his word. "

    Nietzsche is your god then.

  27. No twist Rep. Following that statement Nietzsche asked a question that you said was true, namely "Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us?"

    Rep, Many of N's questions are not purely rhetorical because they do not presume a yes answer.

    For instance, What festivals of atonement, have YOU invented? What sacred games?

    HOW have you become god to be worthy of your slaughtering of God in your mind?

  28. We created Him in our own minds, and now we don't need Him anymore, so He's dead and we killed Him, just like we created Him.

    Comon, if you nuts really believed this stuff, why do you act like you do? I think the Mother Theresea types are just wonderful. Bono is wonderful also. They practice what the good book says. They read the words.

  29. Pasc, you're saying I can't, or N can't kill off other men's ideas? Talk about a lack of freedom...

    "There you go again", the right wing cons telling everyone what to do. You say the left tells everyone what to do, but we really know the fascists who love the cops and military so much, are the real group telling others what to do and enforcing it through prison and war.

  30. "Pasc, you're saying I can't, or N can't kill off other men's ideas?"

    No, I did not say that.

    I'm okay with you attempting to do whatever you want.

    But it was your own god, Nietzsche, who said you really could not.

    What are your sacred games Rep? LOL

  31. As far as trying to control the ideas of others, it is you who keep trying to speak for me and others with your "we" have killed God.

  32. "sacred games"
    When dealing with reality there will come times when we can't explain something, and we won't have Him to rely on, so what games will we play?

    Pasc, if you can't look around you and NOT fathom a God who created the universe, try this: God created the universe then walked off. If it's good enough for Einstein it's good enough for me. Einsteins God did not need worship, no heaven, no hell. Einsteins God doesn't really matter. Nothing really matters.

  33. Oh, the lying game. Is that a sacred rite? Who'd have guessed that you sinister-wingers would do that? LMAO

  34. "Oh, the lying game."
    I had a lame adolescent response to the fact that the left lies, but somehow it struck me as lame and adolescent, so I changed my mind.

    I'll try not to do that again Pasc, honest.

  35. Are you working for Og, Rep? You're making him like a genius.

  36. og, I promise I won't be that bad again. You are my idle og. Your brain is almost as big as your other attributes. Please come to me dear og. Forget what the good book says, as we mostly forget all it says anyway.

  37. I can always turn on comment moderation Rep. Best you stick with Ray or Reaper. And, as long as you post comments that make some effort to advance the discussion, I leave you be, otherwise I attempt to salvage from your comments what I believe can be salvaged. I've told you before you can leave any time.

  38. "otherwise I attempt to salvage from your comments what I believe can be salvaged"
    "There you go again" typical con telling everyone whats good for them and everyone else.

  39. Idiot, this is my blog, not yours. You're a guest here, not master.

  40. Not even a guest. A turkey, amusing the family with his antics until the day before thanksgiving.

  41. Is this thing on? Yes, I guess if you're not a moron it will let you comment.

  42. here's an idea: Pasc, whyncha return the turdbot's posting priveleges when he can produce a concise and serious description of how, though the God of Abraham is the origin for the three major theologies; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the reason that Islam is a twisted and bizzarre.

    or maybe just explain how he arived at the ripe old age of 48 without knowing that Allah is the Islamic name for the God of Abraham (though the muslims have twisted that all out of recognition as well)


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