Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rot, More Rot, and the Totally Deaf

Pascal just took a call from the leading conservative non-profit.

They thanked him for his membership, and wished him to continue this year.

P asked: "Well, now that we have a completely radical White House, when are you going speak to them in language that is fitting to that reality?"

Voice: "Oh we hear you sir. We have to get the economy moving again so that all these other issues will take care of themselves. Would you....?"

P: "Take care of themselves! Even if by some miracle the economy started chugging along again tomorrow, the "Green" legislation and the healthcare bill alone would torpedo any nascent recovery."

Voice: "Oh we hear you sir. But we need to fund our economists so that they are available to the White House when they...."

P: "And you still believe the White House gives a damn about anything you have to say? I'm not convinced many Republicans even give a damn about you or us. And that's the problem right there. The Democrats and the Left-wing media have been dragging the whole agenda left, and the GOP and your organization meekly follow along in the same direction rather than get angry and force a showdown. The majority of the country is to the right of every one of our institutions, and that includes yours. You know we're angry because we know that we can't play nice with radicals because they view that as license to walk all over us. We are waiting to hear you get angry too. Are you even aware of how angry we are out here?"

V: "Oh yes. We hear it all the time. You know we would like you to renew your membership at $500. We need...."

P: "Your needs will be filled when you start showing some spine. I'm looking for a new organization that is not going to stand still while those in power drag the country down into this all-controlling tyranny. Are you going to force me to start a new organization of my own?"

V: "[Laughs] Yes sir. We would like you to renew...."

P: "[sigh] You're wasting your time."

V: "Thanks for taking my call."


  1. "Are you even aware of how angry we are out here?"


    Pasc, how far will this anger carry the extreme right?

  2. Pasc, do you watch Faux news and listen the the Faux pundits like Beck?

  3. Comon Pac, you cons are starting to sound a [littel] crazy. (You are always are in a bad mood in the afternoons. Are you working too hard? Are you worrying about all the poor people sucking up the efforts of your hard work?)


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