Thursday, September 03, 2009

Dinged By Webdings

A couple of days ago I published this entry. Somehow, possibly because I had added ♫ to the video screen subheading, the Blogger editor invoked webdings font into its style designation -- automatically. I did not know that this had happened because my version of firefox does not respond to such font designations. I suspect many other firefox users have a similar non-response.

But if you use IE, you saw half a page of gibberish instead of this ♪♫ Cuz they're power hungry and malicious. ♫♪ Where letters should have been, Webdings sprawled unintelligibly across the page under the video screen instead. The "Progressives," whose behavior I was declaiming, could not have been more pleased. (IE is a product of Bill Gates --- hmmmm.)

Anyway, thanks to the concerns of helpful readers who use IE (I don't normally), it has since been fixed. Thank you very much.

I hope you all have seen it. Tim Hawkins' The Government Can is humorous and dazzling.


  1. It got me wasting, er spending a lot of time watching a lot of his stuff.
    But the production values on The Government Can amazed me. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. Grrr, the frustration of developers everywhere. One standard, many different interpretations and embellishments of that standard.


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