Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Restoring the Joy "Watermelons" Steal From Our Kids

If you have kids who come home from school terrified and turned against America, it may be due in no small part to a Marxist agit-prop video (likely blessed by Bill Ayers) making the rounds at about the fourth grade level.

Or even if you don't, you may still love watching this.

(Thanks to The Smallest Minority for spotting this.)

Has anybody seen a similar video demonizing American health care? Quick! Send it to this fisker and lets see what he can do to pee in Obama's punch. (Unless he's already too busy demolishing Algore's Academy Award winning toxic effluent that's a full-scale partisan promo for cap and trade.)


  1. "Algore's Academy Award winning toxic effluent"

    Pasc, you, a man of science, who doesn't believe in science? You think global warming is a hoax?

  2. Rep, I believe in science but not scientists who, for their grants, are beholden to politicians, institutions, and suspect corporations. Anyone who proclaims "the science is settled" and "the debate is over" proves they are unscientific. Upon uttering those words they trash their credibility.

    But let me put scientific method aside. Clearly that seems to not to be taught in schools today since it is so easily overridden.

    What should be especially clear to people like yourself is when "scientists" tell you that lying to you is a good thing.

    What do I mean? Read this.

  3. Watched all four installments, and for the most part the fisker does a good job of nailing (figuratively speaking) this gal dead in her tracks. However, he is off the mark in a couple of spots. Won't go into them all, but will give one example.

    She is correct when she talks about "Planned Obsolescence" and "Perceived Obsolescence". The fact is that in the 50's - 60's, it was introduced as a factor,into the production cycle. Refrigerators were made so well, for example, that by the late 50's early 60's at least one manufacturer of same went under because their product was in fact too good ... it lasted too long. (My folks, who got their first one back in 54, still had it up and running until the late 70's. Granted, it was now in the garage as a cooler for beer and pop, but still, it ran as well as it ever did.) On a personal level, I was made aware of Planned Obsolescence while I was in the Navy, as well as when I was a field tech for a major copier company. In the case of the copier company, I knew for a fact there were parts built into the machines which after so many copies, would have to be replaced (this was over and above such things as toner, drums and the like).

    As for Perceived Obsolescence, one only has to remember all the old automobile commercials ... especially those back in the 60's and 70's, which always hawked the "New and Improved 19xx Barnburner!"

    But on the whole, I liked what he had to say. And his closing point of undocumented facts (or the lack of real data altogether), indoctrination, and misinformation, should not be presented to nine year olds (or anyone else, for that matter). These kids do not have anything close to the proper critical thinking skills needed to objectively view this tripe (in it's original form, not the fisking).

  4. Guy, I agree with you.

    I chose not to make an issue of a number of things primarily because where and how he demonstrated her errors were very powerful. He virtually showed HOW to show she was wrong, and that, in and of itself, makes this a very important video series.

    Because critical thinking skills are not taught well, few have them. Maybe a few kids will get some from watching this.

    She is so well cast to present this BS, that her personality alone could win the day. Many kids will see her as cute and enthusiastic and be won over. I think he reacted as would someone who saw an attractive child molester speaking to their kid.

    How do you convince kids that the devil often comes in a pleasing appearance in an educational environment of enforced secularism? Only by revealing that many key points of pleasant sounding people are really lies, and that they use the truth only when it serves to aid their credibility.

    Devilish people can be taken down with their own words, and he did that. It would have done a better job had he none risen to some of the easy bait that she offered. Some of the Bzzzing and other sound and video effects were distracting and counter-productive IMHO.

    OTOH, I doubt I could have done better, so I applaud him, as you clearly do too.

  5. Perhaps since America uses 30 percent of the world's resources and among other outputs, uses those resources to produces a surplus of food, we should reduce our consumption and outputs to match our percentage of the world's population, feed only ourselves and quit "spreading our wealth" through foreign aid, as that is clearly not appreciated when it is even acknowledged.


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