Thursday, September 17, 2009

Government is the Solution


(hat tip to ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ at Eternity Road)

Tell me how impressed you are with the Fed's inspector general.

Now go on from here to explain to me how you think the federal government is the best all around solution for health care, and environmental management, and education and a whole host of issues.

Maybe -- just maybe -- the men who intended for our federal government's powers to be strictly limited were a wee bit smarter than our contemporary politicians megalomaniacs?

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  1. Nine Trillion Dollars.
    $9 thousand billion.
    $9 million million.

    That sum has been promised by the treasury in the name of the taxes on 300 million people to the Federal Reserve.

    ($9 million million)/(300 million people) =
    $9 million/300 people =
    $30,000 per person.

    Where is your accounting inspector general?

    "Um, uh... what was your question again?"

    A child losses his first dollar, and it can be tragic.
    The government oversees the theft from each child of $30,000, and it's merely a statistic.

    Do you understand inflation yet? That it is the result of policy and not an accident? Good.


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