Friday, September 25, 2009

Moral Considerations

Due to my reviewing an important new book that will be published shortly, I had cause to contemplate all that the word morality implies. ("This could be entertaining." think the moral relativists .)

I hope to finish shortly. Consider this in the interim.
Everything you do has consequences. What have you chosen as your measure of yourself?

How many of you, after having risen to heights that even surprised you, regret how much you sold yourself short?


  1. The failings that I personally fight are things that no "progressive" would even understand. The moral issues I struggle with are beyond the comprehension of the amoral.

  2. Those are actually only "amoral" Og. Nobody, not even the highest placed "Progressive," can avoid the consequences of their own actions. They may try to foist it off on others what redounds to them, yet the whole world knows who to blame. Some want to blame God, but to do that they have to curse their own existence, and so few who try this can ever get any satisfaction from it.

    So, no, you are only partially right.

    Where your personal failings have come home to roost, probably you haven't let many or even anyone know, so only you know why they came to pass. So the "amoral" can only say they are, but they can't really dodge the facts. He who dealt it smelt it. :)

  3. "The failings that I personally fight are things that no "progressive" would even understand. "

    JC. Og get over it. Failings. It's just a word.

  4. P, I wonder if this brat even understands that he's been whooshed? The whole discussion is so far over his head that he doesn't even know what to say, so the throws out "JC" and some meaningless aphorism.

    Hell, I wonder if his brain even works at the level necesary to understand the difference between meta-ethics and normative ethics? I doubt it. He's so anxious to convince himself there is no creator so his own failings are meaningless that he can't even get past the simple gainsaying of our discussions.

    Do you hire these people? Nobody could be this obtuse without compensation. I suspect you of sockpuppeting, my friend.


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