Monday, September 21, 2009

Cut Off His Nose to Spite His Face

Troll says: "I want a public option, because I am tired of getting screwed by health insurance companies."

Holy mackerel.

After the fold in "Self Preservation - pt. 2," I showed how the UN's World Health Organization could rank the USA as 37th in health care: their criteria gave favorable ratings to any social democratic regime who forced workers to pay for the health care of the indolent and destitute. But for quick access to aid when you need it, the USA is second to none in health care -- using the UN's own criteria.

That is, the UN biased ranking system -- undoubtedly hanging a facade that proclaims "better than the Americans" on something the rest of the world's people are victimized saddled with -- smiles favorably upon heathcare as financed along the lines of Karl Marx. How could anyone be surprised? (I can answer that too if asked).

Troll did not disagree. In fact, said troll says he's a working stiff and doesn't favor such handouts.

However, troll "wants a public option" because one must presume he believes he'll get less screwed by Uncle Sam.

Virtually nothing the government provides today that is also available from private sources is better than the private sources. Be it mail services, or schooling, or roads, or medicare without medicare gap insurance. So is he nuts?

Why would he want a public option for himself knowing that however disappointed he is with his current CHOICE of medical insurance provider, he has more choice now -- and probably better coverage -- than he would ever have under "government is your only choice" system?

So I have got to conclude that he so hates his current CHOICE of insurer, he'd rather take a sure-fire worse option as long as everybody else (politicians and family excluded of course) has to suffer too.

Trolls are renowned to be ugly and ill-tempered. So it should be no surprise that our troll would like you to cut off your nose to suit his face. Misery likes company.


  1. Pac,

    You remind me of Troilus, the truculent purveyor of travesty. I will get back to your insolence, but not now, as sleep beckons me, as it does us all, and to all it will come.

    Do any of you crazy cons watch Mad Men?

  2. OOPs, I forgot to add a :-) to the above post.

  3. Sorry Pasc, I just can't argue this easy shit with you. Get back to your human haters. Or why not start a religious post. Please keep it direct.


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