Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Taking Anything For Granted...

When troll "Reaper" (surprisingly? diffidently? jealously?) asked me:
GD, how many trolls do you have?
it required a bit more information before I could answer:
Including The One in the White House? [rimshot]

Including this one too?
Be forewarned. One reader said they were sorry they clicked on the above link! LOL


  1. Isn't it boring without a few trolls running around?

  2. Do all you crazy cons, still think W did a good job? Would you now vote for Palin for president in the next election, knowing she would probably be just like W x 4?

  3. Hey Og; Here is YOUR counterpart.

    The trolls on the Left hammer on Booosh (still) for everything even though he was the absolutely best prez for many of their policies since Carter. And you hammer on those like me who fault him for those things.

    So what it amounts to is that all the things Bush did was bad in my eyes gets ignored.

    It gets ignored by the Left because why complain about things Bush did that irritate cons (a bonus) and also because of so many other things they claim not to like when a pubbie does them.

    It gets ignored by die-hard Republicans who liked what Bush did that the Left detested and are willing to overlook his non-conservative, extra-constitutional deeds.

    You deserve each other. The nation does not.

  4. Kerry vs Bush. No-brainer.
    McCain vs. Obama. See above.
    Palin vs. Obama. again, see above.
    I'm just so sorry I clicked on the link to that caricature of Pelosi. Oh wait, that was real wasn't it?

  5. Bush will go down as one of the worst presidents in history. Can you believe there are idiots out there that voted for him twice? And thirty percent of the nation still thinks he did a good job. Dear Lord, please save us from the rampant stupidity.

  6. I repeat, sort of. Al Gore or Bush? John Kerry or Bush?
    I'll take Bush, warts 'n all.

  7. Ed, curious, are you a religious nut and choose W because of his abortion stance?

  8. Reaper: Bingo. We have a winner.
    On another note, though, I was highly disappointed with his not staying the execution of Karla while he was governor. I just saw him as the better choice over Kerry (and Gore) re: my value system. I'm an idiot, I voted for him twice, but unlike his opponents,I only voted once per election.

    Pascal: Don't give him the Vonnegut secret if he e-mails you for it.
    It would be dangerous in his hands.

  9. "Pascal: Don't give him the Vonnegut secret if he e-mails you for it.
    It would be dangerous in his hands."


    If I know Pasc, the secret has to do with real ice-nine, and the destruction of mankind.

    GD, Pasc, did your journey of misanthropic thoughts begin with Cats Cradle?

    Ann, what do you think?

  10. Damn, can you imagine what a different world we would have, if Gore had won?

  11. Ed, after reviewing my V collection, 4 more that really stand out.

    1) Mother Night

    2) BlueBeard

    3) Fates Worse than Death

    4) A Man Without A Country

    All outstanding in my opinion. If I remember right, number 4 had a lot to do with regards to W and V's disgust with him. (Wiki semi confirms last statement.)

    Anyway, I think all 4 are right up there with Slaughter House 5, and Cat's Cradle.

  12. Hey Ed and Pasc, in the book BlueBeard, it stated at one point that men have fked this world up so bad, it's time to give women a chance. Do you agree?

    Do you think mens physical makeup (chemicals, testosterone, etc) is suited in this age of modern weapons and destruction? Maybe women and their milder dispositions are more in tune with our times?


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