Monday, November 19, 2012

So Few Yet Get Why The GOP are "Cowards"

Lately it has been hard for me to write stand alone essays. What happens is I react to the ideas that other people lay out. Not infrequently I am amazed at how so many sensible people (i.e., conservatives) skirt the one explanation that makes sense of all the evidence laid out before them.

Rather than write it out here, I will send you to Redbaiter's blog and see what I wrote in response to his post and his and others' comments. Essentially what I did was ask and answer the question "What if the behavior you call cowardice is not really that, but the deliberate sell-out of conservative positions? And it is playing out as it always has always been planned by the Progressives in the GOP."

The Time Of Cowards

It appears that there is no amount of rational explanation that will get even a friendly audience to discuss such uncomfortable explanations. It may well be because of what a troublesome nightmare is ahead of us if the analysis is anywhere near being accurate. We can certainly ignore reality. However we can't ignore the consequences of that reality forever. [Update: I'm told this last sentence is a paraphrase of Ayn Rand. Well it is an accurate observation. However, much like George Santayana's famed conclusion about those not knowing their history being condemned to repeat it, hers was surely not the first time a common human blindness has been commented upon. Nor will it be the last as idiots and those subject to revived evils endure again their history.]


  1. Left a comment at Belmont Club responding to your query. Although it was edited post-humously.

  2. Thanks for the link Pascal, and always appreciate your comments.


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