Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Liberal Brain Is Still In Denial

I was just speaking with a couple who have been out of power and heat since hurricane Sandy. They are uncomfortable, but making due. Gasoline is available, but there are very long waits. Those they know who have a generator are finding it difficult to keep it running and so use it sparingly.

At my mention that this was how our leadership intended it to be (without my going into Obama's promise about bankrupting coal fired power companies and driving gasoline prices to the level of the EU), I got a "I don't want to hear it."

I said but you still have to vote. I got back "I don't even think I'll get to vote."  And I said that is probably how it is intended (I was thinking but did not say that the revenge would most likely turn against the Left for those who are not in denial). I got back "well, I gotta go." And I said that I wished them well. And I did get a thanks.

And this is NOT a person who is flat-out liberal. They did vote for W in 2000 and 2004. But they have been so busy trying to make ends meet the last five years they really don't spend any time on anything but with TV on in the background -- a good portion of that was listening to Jon Stewart before he found fault with Bummer. They did not tell me specifically, but they implied that they turned him off because they did not like his new snark material.

Look, I know Romney is a "Progressive." Nobody on the internet has been as consistently warning about those SKUNCs in the GOP as I. And I have suffered for it too. But we really do need to buy time. Bummer reelected will mean totally instituted voter fraud from here on in. You will not restore this republic short of outright rebellion. I know of a good many conservatives who have planned for that. In fact, some are actually anarchists in disguise. The most clever of them will never say so outright, but they've made a huge investment in planning for the conflict and they'll be damned if they don't get some opportunity to use a good portion of it. Coming out of the end of open rebellion, if you believe that you will have a restored AMERICAN republic, you are as brain dead as these liberals.

The only chance we have at all is to buy time by seeing that Romney, to best of our ability, is elected. Then we work to either get him moving to the Right or work hard to raise the TEA Party on the ash-heap of the GOP.

And that is possible ONLY if the voter fraud I've seen around me in my state and community hasn't served as an effective working example to get it installed in Purple states. Such an project just may well be fully implemented in enough Purple states to get the Bummer reelected. I pray it is not so.

Do not be brain dead. Do not be in denial. The only real chance we have to preserve our chances is to see that Bummer is overwhelming voted against. Then they won't have enough cheating in place to defeat the majority.

***Update** Question for conservatives and other anti-Obama indees in Sandy ravaged areas.

Are you experiencing still as I did over the phone? Or can't you even get close enough; dare you even get close enough to ask "what do you think now?"


  1. It is amazing, the brain's capacity for denial! I see way too much assumption on the Right. Most still have no concept of the evil at hand. Be well, and stay safe, my friend.

    1. Thanks for the well wishes my friend. After my SS announcement, the number of friends has dwindled -- as I expected.

  2. Joan - Some of us do and have been preparing.

    wretchard and pascal are correct - even in the best case we shall not emerge from the coming festivities unscathed or unchanged.

  3. Coming out of the end of open rebellion, if you believe that you will have a restored AMERICAN republic, you are as brain dead as these liberals.
    Lord's Prayer: Deliver us from evil.

    1. Amen to the prayer. And I say that as one who does not know He is there to hear it; wishing it does not make it so, but I do wish it.

      OT: Religious bean counters, from time immemorial, all eventually turn on those who challenge ethics of the congregation's largest contributors. And today they first bend their knee to the IRS and self-enforce public silence about unethical govt for fear of losing 501(c)3 status. 'Yes. We know we cannot serve two masters; but we can do so much less good when we bite the hand that feeds us. You understand.'

      Coming down to it: I think they serve two very good purposes: keeping the ancient books available and proving that the love of money is at the root of all evil. And before the govt is done, it's not too clear how long those books not still uncorrupted will remain so.

  4. Watching from afar I see Romney winning the presidency. Obama has become a liability to the liberals, and lately, some of the left's dissatisfaction is being reflected in media outlets which are normally and slavishly devoted to the liberal cause.

    I see the liberals already re-grouping and an all out effort made to get back the White House in 2016 through covert means - and God forbid that they do this - such as an induced collapse of the financial markets which would see the GOP get the blame for.

    So the Tea Party better get busy.

    1. It would be interesting to see how the Left would collapse the financial markets all by themselves. The last time, with the housing bubble brought on by their CRA scamming, had complicit help from the GOP SKUNCs who are so good at buckling under pressure from the radical's who so easily call them racists for everything, and the press who miraculously were permitted to host ALL the GOP debates.

      Do you know of Immanuel Kant's Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis formulation? The radicals push their outrageous thesis, they set up straw men as the antithesis and pin that on conservatives, and the GOP SKUNCs play at compromising. They are the synthesizers. The only way that housing bubble got going and with such ease was both sides made money at the expense of home buyers and smaller banks and pension funds. The foxes are indeed guarding the hen house.

      So you are very correct: The TEA Party has got to stop underestimating its importance.

  5. When individual sheeple can raise their heads from the distraction of earning their daily bread and being entertained by mind numbing TV shows, they often sniff corruption emanating from higher places.

    Haven't our so called political elite been very busy little bees over the past one hundred years sourcing out and utilizing the money markets, and other areas under government control, and then fleecing those of us who have been stupid enough not to realize.

    Your analysis of the last financial 'hiccup' in 2008 which gave the annoited one a huge leg up electorally, that is if one chooses to ignore the obvious voter fraud involved, says it all for me.


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