Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Who Needs Western Union?

Like reports of a Russian reporter dying of rare isotope poisoning, reports of 30,000 emails in one year sends quite a stunning message.This right after reports of voter turn-outs as large as 141%. Is strained credulity the place to find an ostrich?

Observing tyranny on the rise is unsettling stuff. As Wretchard puts it at the end of “The Eight Shames and Seven Dwarfs”, “nobody knows who’s next.”


  1. Thanks for pointing that out.
    Will we ever know?

  2. Typical troll (anonymous) responded to this post on the next one (probably to derail my criticism of the press corps) simply because I referenced this post. It begins "So you think 30,000 emails a YEAR is unlikely? No way. That's only 82 per day."

    The rest of it and my response may be found beginning here.


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