Saturday, November 03, 2012

Possible Email Compromises

Late last night I checked my yahoo email account. Some time mid-day I received two strange emails.

The first was from an old friend from whom I'd not received emails in a very very long time. And I could not imagine from the subject why he chose to send it to me. His short note was not clear as to what prompted his sending it.

The second was from a current friend telling me that the last email he received from me had a link that took him immediately to some gaming site as he opened the email. Subsequently I found out that it was NOT the email I last sent him a couple of weeks ago -- that this was new and came in only in the last 2-3 days. He'd already deleted it so he couldn't tell me much more.

I checked my outbox and there was nothing I'd sent that was new. But an email virus would delete any sign of its activity I'd imagine, so it is impossible for me to figure out much more on my own.

What I have since done was change my password.

Still -- which of the email services can be trusted? In the waning days of this campaign, and given the rumor of what Valerie Jarrett has warned -- all those who are not for Obama will be treated as having been against him -- be careful with your emails. Disinformation could be the least of the tactics to expect. Man against man, friend against friend, brother against brother is always the aim of the despots.

Open blog. The best defense against misinformation is an open forum. Lies cannot withstand the light of day in most instances.

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  1. I was getting a lot like that from a friends account recently.
    Not you however.


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