Thursday, November 15, 2012

Who Briefed Ambassador Rice?

At the press conference yesterday, President Obama defended his ambassador to the UN by saying she didn't lie about Benghazi. She was just repeating the intelligence she'd been given.

How come no reporter asked him then, "who briefed Susan Rice?"

I think the answer can be derived (even by moronic journalism students) from the simple consideration of the unlikeliness in the arithmetic behind the charge of "30,000 emails in a year." -- Who Needs Western Union?

For those needing it spelled out more, I refer you to Joan of Argghh!'s both apt and slightly premature phrase. Them journolists do not wish to become members of the press corpse no matter where inevitable the road they're traveling leads.


  1. So you think 30,000 emails a YEAR is unlikely? No way. That's only 82 per day.

    According to Gizmodo:
    " Girl Sent 35K Text Messages in a Month...Twice, But It is Nowhere Near the Record
    By Sean Fallon
    Jan 15, 2009 1:20 PM
    Girl Sent 35K Text Messages in a Month…Twice, But It is Nowhere Near the Record

    The story of a 13 year old girl sending 14,000 text messages in a single month got a lot of press, but truth be told, that figure is actually fairly low.

    For example, Sprint has confirmed that a 14-year old Florida girl sent / received around 35,463 text messages in a month on two separate occasions. That works out to 1,182 a day. As sad and depressingly impressive as that is, those numbers don't come anywhere near the Guinness record. Apparently, that "honor" is held by a man...a GROWN man by the name of Deepak Sharma. He managed to send 182,689 messages in a single month—about 6100 messages a day (or 4.2 messages a minute). Yeah, that is insane. Good thing we have unlimited text plans—even though it is most likely a ripoff. [Herald Tribune via Fark Image via Flickr]"

  2. You must be as empty headed as the alleged text message senders. We are talking about a 4 star general who simply has too much visibility to have been able to spend the time to post over 80 emails a day. Allegedly salacious to boot.

    Journolists and the math that scares them I'd expect to report such an insane number without hard proof. I'd expect more from a commenter. Thanks for proving members of the press corpse aren't the only lame brains.


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