Thursday, November 01, 2012

This Post Cost Me $4400

This is the second month since I turned 66. Another month where I have not filed for accepting a payout from the Ponzi scheme disguised as a legitimate entitlement known as Social Security.

This is part 4 of my series that began here.

I predicted that I would be the target of hatred once my efforts became known. The news has not gotten out much, so I've so far been spared that. But I have been subject to a variety of charges that attempt to dismiss any notion that there is some virtue in my efforts. The most troubling thing to arise from that has been some shunning.

I think one of many reasons for this can be found in an explanation penned by David Mamet.

I am not demanding that others follow my lead, but Mamet suggests that doesn't even matter. Since I'm not master of others' feelings, there is little I can do except make it clear that this effort is my penance for not having done more in the past to at least ameliorate this theft by our government.

In subsequent segments I've some rotten leftist stage-craft to tell you about that I'm reasonably sure has played out all across this country every time anyone tried to fix Social Security.


  1. The cruel cannot bear to see themselves in that way. Mamet went straight to the rot in our souls. No wonder he turned coservative.

  2. Well, look at it this way: the money were stolen from you by some entity, than same entity decided to recompense you for the original theft with money stolen later from others. You refused it and the money you refused go right back to the entity that did stole your money in the first place thus allowing it to use it for the nefarious purposes you are trying to prevent in the future. Sorry but I cannot compute how your (or many others) refusal will force the steeling entity to reconsider its ways?

    1. I take it then you will gladly take money stolen from innocent others PRIMARILY because the same theives had stolen from you in the past. Is that justice? Or you merely paid off to keep you quiet?

    2. BTW. It is even more complicated than the scenario you painted, and that was pretty complicated. When I finally respond with the example I promised Ed back in the comments (in part 2 in this series), maybe you'll see that us Baby Boomers, many of us having already known what a Ponzi scam this is -- just as I showed that my uncle knew as did his father's generation -- we let them steal the money. How they silenced us is the story.

    3. The answer to Ed and the example of the Left's tactics that successfully distracted us from focusing on (and derailed us from) reforming Social Security are finally posted.

      See part 5 Political Cowardice and Social Security


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