Sunday, September 16, 2012

Libertarian/Republican Vote Swapping Pledge, Part 2

Blue State conservative independents and Republicans:  I am sorry, but your state's electoral votes have been written off as the Bummer's by both campaigns. Your participation in this pledge gives you an indirect way to help prevent the reelection of Barrack Obama.

Swing State Libertarian and other 3rd Party voters who recognize that Obama will end this republic much faster than will Romney. Your participation in this pledge helps increase Bumney's margin over Bummer. Electing Bumney theoretically should give our republic some more time to survive. It should become easier to overcome the propaganda perpetrated by the media as the media continues to unwind and expose how much of a collectivist loving, individualist hating agency that it is.

Red State conservatives: You should not risk your vote in this pledge. But you CAN encourage your conservative friends in blue states and independent friends in swing states to participate.

Part 1 is here: The Libertarian/Republican Vote Swapping Pledge.

added: Vote Swapping Pledge Part 3, Objections Answered.


  1. The more I think about it, the more this might have some interesting after effects. Being from the Peoples Republic of Illinois ("Where our Governors make our license plates!") knowing this state is in the tank for the current occupant of the oval office....The libertarian might just get my vote! Unless I see the race here being much much closer than it appears it is going to be (thank you money sucking resource hogging blight on the shore of lake Michigan)....I may indeed vote libertarian for the first time.

    This is assuming we are still around for elections come this November. The next five to six weeks (MHO are going to make JFK's Cuban Missile Crisis look pretty tame in comparison. If Israel makes it past November I will be very much surprised (and impressed by Israel!).

    Navvet55 aka GuyS

    1. Another of the side effects may be that it gives stay at home conservatives who live in blue states a new lease on life. Their anti-establishment voting in their state may help garner effective anti-Obama votes where they can make a difference.

      It also may overall increase voter turn-out since it introduces a wrinkle not seen before. People are curious about how new things turn out. Like rooting for the underdog. I think your idea is of the underdog variety. Sorry.

  2. I'll have to check into the polls here in Oregon, don't know for sure that it is not in play for Romney.


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