Friday, September 14, 2012

The Inconsistency of Radical Leftist Media is Palpable Now

Q: How come MSM the Agency of Lies doesn't say the video allegedly caused the riots and murders in the Middle East?

A: Were they to use the word allegedly, it would cast doubt on their assigned propaganda narrative. Obama desperately needs his friends in the press (which, is to say, virtually all of them) to pin the blame on anything other than him. Obama's feckless foreign policy must not be connected to it in any way.

Let's compare the press' copy book rules.
  • For the Fort Hood massacre, Major Hassan is still the alleged suspect. 
  • But the author of the video is guilty of murder, no allegedly about him.

Isn't that inconsistent enough to brand the occupiers of our alleged journalist institutions as worthless and partisan political hacks? It happens so frequently, it's just so glaring in this case, I think it is.

Obama is bad. No question about it. But he never would have been elected in the first place had we an honest press corps.

C'mon my friends. The inconsistency of radical Leftist media is palpable now. Paint it red and plaster it on their foreheads. Normal people need to know them for what they are.


  1. It would be nice if pants really caught on fire.
    Or lies smelled like farts, proportionally :)

  2. To Ed on what Obama would say; "My farts don't smell!"

    I agree with every word in this small post Pascal. If not for the propaganda media there would be no Obama period! Unfortunately, Hasan committed a massacre which entitles him to be considered innocent until proven guilty. There has been no crime committed by the video maker, not that Holder will even think that thought. The fascists are in charge and they are doing what fascists have always done, use the scapegoat to cloak their own negligence and stupidity to gain an advantage.

    I sincerely hope and pray that they all rot in Hell.

  3. Thanks Neme. The shorter the post, the less opportunity to say something that is disagreeable. I gotta shorten my posts.

    Here's a link that reinforces the point that the Agency of Lies will even endanger private citizens if it can deflect criticism aimed at their Commander of Radicals in Chief.


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