Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Libertarian/Republican Vote Swapping Pledge

It is my opinion that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are both Statists. Both will seek ways to gain more power for government at the expense of individuals. How can I put this nicely? Both will continue to look at the Constitutional limitations on their power as a challenge to be overcome.

It is also my opinion that Bummer will take us over the cliff faster than will Bumney. So, therefore, I would prefer to see Bumney elected. It's only to buy us some more time. It may be hopeless; but if it is true that time heels all wounds, maybe time will be on the side of our republic. And so I'd like to buy her some more of it.

There may be some Libertarian voters out there who'd like to vote in such a manner that slows the progress of Statism somewhat more than less. However, they plan on voting for Gary Johnson because the thought of voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil. But in that statement is the recognition that one evil is worse than the other.

There are several states in which the presidential vote tally may be very close. Every vote not for Bumney increases the margin for Bummer, allowing him to win several of those states.

There are also several states where it is a foregone conclusion that Obama will capture their Electoral College votes. In such an instance, a vote for the largest of the 3rd party candidates is not a wasted vote against the worst of the main party candidates, but a vote registered in protest that the existing parties are both far too statist.

For those Libertarian voters living in swing states who think that slowing the evil is preferable to speeding it along, I have a proposal.

As a California voter, I’m really frustrated that my vote for Romney will not count. Romney cannot win here, thanks in large part to the ham-stringing of the California GOP by national party headquarters back in 2002 and continued ever since.

I will vote for Gary Johnson in California if you will vote for Mitt Romney in your state.

This is all on the honor system. It may not make a big difference, but sometimes what seems like a gargantuan task can be accomplished if a bunch of little guys can agree that the worst schemers in this world ought to run into annoying opposition every now and again.

If I am correct, and there are a lot of pissed off people out there, a lot of Libertarians and conservatives will be willing to take this pledge.

The way to notice if our effort made a difference is to note the vote tallies the day after the election.
  • For Libertarians: if your total votes are increased, the Libertarian Party and all who are ticked off with the status quo will have left their mark.
  • For Conservatives: we will see that Bummer is retired and will then have 4 years to whittle away or obstruct Bumney's Statist inclinations.
Hey, isn't this better than voting in blocs that are two small to win? If you really want to make a statement against the status quo, this bargain gives you a realistic chance of increasing the total number of votes that signify that.

Red State Conservatives have no direct roll in this pledge. But you can encourage friends in Blue and Swing states to participate. Please see

Libertarian/Republican Vote Swapping Pledge, Part 2

Also, some objections have been fielded too.

Vote Swapping Pledge Part 3, Objections Answered.


  1. While everyone understands that the Republican Party is not the party it once was or wanted to be, it is the only alternative to the Democrats. So even if there seems to be a choice...there is NOT.

    Until a strong, unified third party is established (and it will be very difficult, in fact near impossible) we will have to go with the dimi-pretend Republicans.

    Lets understand that at least under the Republicans we will be able to exploit and use our National Resources and let many of the regulations that the Democrats have established go where they the trash can of history.

    The bigger battle and the longest is rooting out all of the liberal, socialist, communists that have taken over America's educational system.

    Also we have a terrible uphill battle to bring back personal responsibility to Americans, especially the minorities that have become an entitlement nation in their on right, encouraged by the progressive democrats.

    Our debt is almost to the point where nobody can save this Republic and will be over that point if Obama is elected and the Republicans don't get control of the Senate.

    Don't cry for our Republic, get out and get the votes to the polls - so we can kick Obama and his socialist, chicago thugs out and see to it they never darken our goverment's again!

    1. I see you understand why we need every vote for Bumney that we can round up. It does not matter that he's untrustworthy; what matters is that he is less untrustworthy than Bummer.

      If with Bummer we are headed over the cliff at 80mph, but only 40 mph with Bumney, then I recommend voting for the candidate that is hell-bent at a slower pace.

      If you know any Libertarians in swing states, (not conservative states like your beloved Texas), try to get them to sign the pledge. They can work with Conservatives in Blue states to show their displeasure and be assured they are not compromising their ethics as they help buy American patriots more time.

      Thanks ray. Please help spread news of the pledge via your email list. I don't require credit. I just want to evict Bummer from the White House.

  2. I prefer the idea of a liberal hot chick/skank willing to have sex with me if I don't vote. Then at least I get something out of the deal. But your idea is OK too.

    1. A commenter or two has talked about this new wrinkle I've introduced into the electoral equation. However, the ones you have an eye are set of wrinkles with which I cannot compete. If you're in a swing state, I'll cover your pledge, you'll feel like you put a thumb in the eye of the establishment, and you can STILL get your jollies in other ways. I bet it will even feel better. :)

    2. Thanks anyway. As it happens, I am in a swing state and must vote for the lighter skinned liberal. If for no other reason than I like the policy of voting against the incumbent. Also voting for the Republican Senate candidate since Reid has to go and that can only happen if he loses the majority. In the other races, My vote is superfluous.

      But thanks for the offer anyway.

  3. Personally, I am not too hot about talking down 'bumney'. It has the effect of showing clearly your only half-hearted support for him. It might even be construed as faint praise.

    I know that's how you feel, but you are sending a mixed message. And if a supporter feels this way, why should
    a reader bother to be impressed by your appeal to them to supposedly help Romney.

    I would say, show some respect. And harbor your reservations for the time being, to maximize your influence in getting the main job done -- that of removing Obama.

    Later on, after the win, you can 'encourage' Romney to do the right thing from your perspective.

    Also, consider that people can grow into the office. Who knows, you might even come to like him. If not, you can still voice your disagreement. But I don't think we should prejudge him when he is our
    only hope.


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