Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Establishing a State Religion

When I was little I loved puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles especially. Though some of the pieces can be quite convoluted in shape, it's not unintentional that a good puzzle has many pieces that are bizarre in the same way, yet not any one fits into the position of any other. The task is to fit them all together in their proper place so that you can see the whole picture. (Were there a picture on the cover of the Obamacare bill,  there could be another joke Nancy Pelosi here. But let's not digress.)

Richard Fernandez put up a particularly striking post entitled "Be a Man" that requires only a bit of deeper thought to see the contrast he has set up between Judeo-Christian religions and what the Left and Statists are trying to replace them with. (G. K. Chesterton was right!)
What is the right and manful thing to do? These seem like questions out of an earlier age.

The striking thing about our modern and supposedly secular politically correct culture is just how religious it is. The concepts of piety and the sense of the sacred are still very much in evidence although other terms are used to describe them. In place of “blasphemy” we have the newfangled term “hate speech”. In place of “sin” we have “bigotry”. Where the word “Satan” was formerly applied we have “Romney”.  In place of well … Madonna says “like a prayer”. But it is the same dog with a different collar. Whereas in the past intellectuals complained that society was afflicted by pious women, today the intellectuals have themselves become the pious women.

There is apparently nothing that can be done to stem or suppress the religious instincts in man. They are as strong as ever. But perhaps some purpose can be served by recognizing it for what it is. There is no benefit in the self-deceptive act of pretending that Jesus and Moses are one thing, but somehow Xenu, Gaia and the Prophet Mohammed are another.
I believe Wretchard is implying, especially after viewing the comedian's video clip from which he borrowed the title for his post, that our would-be masters are adamant that none of us is being manly (responsible) unless we each cave into their demands no matter how bizarre and rights-stealing and just plainly not in the true interests of anyone of us. In order to scare us into believing that we will not like it when we don't let them have their way, but being cowards themselves, they are quite content to incite radical Jihadis to show us what we should fear. (They don't make union thugs like they used to; too well-to-do and living high off of government teets.)

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