Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If You Believe Political Ignorance Resides Only In Liberals

then you never had a conversation like I just had with an old friend who was a Republican long before I was. Damn he's was so damn smug he no longer lives in California so that he doesn't have to worry about the risk of our state legislature being voted fraudulently 2/3 Democratic in a few weeks. [The democratic fraudulent voter registrations were institutionalized by "R" Secretary of State Bill Jones during his 8 years in office (ca. 1995-2002) and phoney "fair" redistricting put in place under the direction of "R" Governor Schwarzenegger.] 'But they were Republicans and that is all that matters.'

So smug, he laughed as he said "I voted with my feet." 

"You schmuck" I hollered, "You still have a house out here, and I know you don't want to sell it. How you gonna like it when the Dems use their 2/3's majority to eliminate Proposition 13 property tax limits and send you an enormous property tax bill, maybe retroactive, that you can't possibly pay?"

He hung up.


  1. More reading for you, Pascal. I'm not smug, I'm quietly raging inside. I can't afford to be smug here in the People's Republic of Multnomah County.

    1. Three of your link's highlighted quotes are pertinent to our country at large.
      “This is a perfect example of voter credulity and bureaucratic overreach.”

      “California takes a legislatively created energy crisis and makes it worse with more legislation.”


      "The scariest note I wrote was also the shortest: 'As California goes, so goes the nation.'”


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