Monday, January 09, 2012

"Progressives" Using Incrementalism

My readers know I loath the word "Progressive" used as a label for the bastard Incrementalists. That is because their chosen label belies their real agenda: to achieve furtively, a little bit at a time, authoritarian repression. They do this with a clear conscience because they believe themselves anointed with a clearer vision. That vision requires that mankind be ruled by supermen. So in support of the Precautionary Principle's worry that mankind might overburden the environment without their rule, they fully intend on regressing the livelihood of the common man.

Tough to do in a free and open and informed society you say?

Mark Levin, in the second half hour of his show
today, exposed how activist Justice Brennan laid the groundwork for the upcoming Roe v Wade decision by inserting a word in the contraceptive case (that furtive dem operative Stephanopoulus brought up on Saturday's "debate.")

IOW, stare decisis needed a bit of help from a disreputable Justice peeking beyond his blindfold at the upcoming case full-well knowing the liberal agenda.

Here is the link to download the mp3 podcast. Listen from about the 8 minute mark and runs to around 30 minutes. I will probably make a transcript too as time allows.


  1. Whenever I see the word "progressive", I think of cancer (or leprosy, or Alzheimer's, etc.).
    Best Regards,

  2. I agree MHN. However, those other diseases are mindless.

    The "Progressives" believe they possess the best minds on the planet AND “We’re doing this because it is the right thing to do” in everything they do.

    Ask them "Who died and made you gods?" and they laugh.

    Dishonesty and hubris of this magnitude will be answered by a nemesis so large that it will inflict immense collateral damage. And they are so mad that they think that would be okay. I shudder for our posterity should we fail to come up with a way to affect a few at the top of the heap who still have mercy.


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