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Happy New Year: Implacable Enemy Within the West -- part 3

Understanding the Implacable Enemy Within the West (part 3)

Exactly ten years ago today, a comment appeared at Free Republic in a thread based on the publication “Human Sacrifice Rationalization in 7th Grade Curriculum .” The Precautionary Principle was not directly mentioned, but it was clearly present in the thinking of those who scoff at men filled with faith, optimism and the love of mankind. 

Here is the summary of that comment:
A fundamental disparity appears to set up the battleground, the reason, the cause celebre, for the confrontation predicted in Revelations known as Armageddon.
  • The God-fearing belief they must be allowed to procreate, to obey what they see as God’s wishes, that the choice to have children ought be left solely to the couple and providence. They note that no matter how many people on the planet, God has provided when man is free to worship freely. The overwhelming success of this country is testament to that.
  • Those without faith in God have a different belief: the unshakable, Malthusian driven fear that believers in God must be neutralized in order to save the planet from the inevitable geometric growth of humanity if the wishes of “the great unwashed” are left unchecked. They fear the planet cannot stand further human growth, and are therefore dead-set against any who promote it. So they have aided, abetted and employed the God-scoffers to indoctrinate our children against God and belief in Him. Our children are being indoctrinated to not have this faith in God, to believe man must limit himself. Our children will be warned not to believe that God said be “fruitful and multiply.” Our children will think it patriotic to not have children of their own. Our children are being taught to believe that those who “breed” are traitors.

Even non-believers ought be able to see how this conflict sets the God scoffers against the God believers.
Institutional rot concomitant to advancing authoritarianism have only gotten worse since then.

Over the last week I’ve been flogging how the Precautionary Principle is at the core to morphing Western culture into accepting authoritarian rule. And that authoritarian rule is deliberately regressive in nature because true progress causes humanity to thrive — as happened when the ideas from the Age of Reason led to the toppling of authoritarian rule in British America.

The Precautionary Principle is the prime reason for the new morality that views population reduction as a moral necessity. The useful idiots who actually believe that “we must assume Malthus was right so we can prevent massive uncontrolled deaths” are delivering the West (the progenitor and protector of individual liberty) into the hands of power mad monsters. History is quite clear: power mad monsters always rain death.

More anon.

Comment cross posted at TrueblueNZ. (Great additional comments there too.)

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