Monday, January 23, 2012

Could Newt Be More Self Defeating?

In what follows, I'm aware that there is a certain sick humor about all this. Perhaps the laugh is on anyone who thinks the GOP hierarchy is actually trying to oust Obama. Or maybe the laugh is on the gullible buyers of books put out by conservative talkshow hosts. They sure write good books detailing what Obama is doing wrong and extolling what is right and honest. Obama's presidency has been a boom time for them, doncha know. 

It surely is mighty hard to take in what follows and keep a straight face..

By now everybody has heard how tone deaf Romney has been. Talkers and bloggers have chalked up his loss in Saturday's South Carolina primary election to Mr. Romney "being unable to read the voters."

Like that was a revelation? As far as I'm concerned, Mr. Romney, like Mr. McCain before him, and Mr. Huntsman, and countless other Republicans, simply hate conservatives because we simply don't approve of "Progressives" pretending to be moderates.

But what of Mr. Gingrich? The Carolinians reacted favorably to Newt's eagerness to fight the media and from there extended confidence in him to take on Obama and the Dems. I personally still await to hear his clear denouncement of the radical Greens and their sophistic abuse of the Precautionary Principle. He has the smarts to do it if he's not in the tank. Intelligent anti-greens know this too. I want to know:
Is Newt truly a changed man?

Well, now that's where this post begins to get funny.

The media and the talkers and several big bloggers have frequently call Mr. Gingrich "a bomb thrower."

And what shows up in my email on Sunday? 

Subject: Money Bomb: Deliver the Knockout Punch
From: Newt Gingrich

Please read this special message from Newt Gingrich.


Our success in yesterday's South Carolina primary is a result of one thing: a national movement of conservative patriots who want to see bold solutions enacted to....

Money Bomb? Any kind of bomb?

Wasn't one of the primary reasons Mr. Gingrich won South Carolina was because he used his great political skills? He proved he could out-trash talk the media? Because he could turn the tables on them?

So what does his campaign do right after that win? It feeds the opposition's bomb-thrower stereotype.

Bold ass you say?

Yeah, that's the first criteria Americans seek in their presidents.

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