Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Did That Really Come From Newt?

When I reproduced the money bomb email in yesterday's post, I scrubbed off the "From" line along with the "To" line. Sorry about that.

I was asked, half jokingly, by more than a few people whom I told of the email
"Are you sure that came from Gingrich?"
It's a fair question given all the political dirty tricks that  have transpired in the past and seem to be on the increase.

Why would the Gingrich campaign deliberately send out an email that plays to the stereotypical charge that "Gingrich is a bomb thrower?"

I have no idea. Ask them.

Here's the line I left off yesterday (since added).
Subject: Money Bomb: Deliver the Knockout Punch
From: Newt Gingrich <campaign@newtgingrichforpresident.org >

I really wish the question did not feel like a joke. That is because the targets of the joke are all those who legitimately wish to restore the dream that is America.


  1. The term, "money bomb" has been an online campaign term for the last few years. It doesn't have the significance you ascribe to it, and I for one like Newt's early, fiery reputation for wrecking the floor of the House with rhetoric, tricks and whatever else it took.

  2. Thanks Joan. This was the first time I encountered it, and I've been asked for money many times before (and it the number of emails increases with each contribution made).

    In my first post I mentioned the tone deafness of Romney. This reminded me of that and so that's what set me off.

    I wonder how many recipients know what you know? Why run the risk of losing them?

  3. Somebody set us up the bomb!


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