Friday, January 20, 2012


South Carolinians sure have my sympathy today. You are the latest subjects to be manipulated. I surely hope you understand.

If I learned nothing else from Orwell, I learned that the Statist regime winds up running its own opposition. And you believe our current situation is dissimilar?

Winston and Julia were each given enough schooling to be effective at their respective jobs. But because they had to deal with reality and the falsehoods being manufactured, the little bit of intellect they were allowed was always going to be a threat to those in power. So people such as them were anticipated by the state to be eventually upset with all the nonsense being fed the proles.

In the end they both went to O'Brian because they were ready. We read that and understand it was a typical cycle for outer party members. And O'Brian, the author of Emanuel Goldstein, was awaiting at the Ministry of Love to deal with each minor party member as they came to him, in frustration, as their last resort.

Let me be clear here. I am not saying we are there yet. But Orwell did not provide us a back story. How did his State come to power so that it could rule so ruthlessly? Surely the "Ministry of Truth" had to precede the "Ministry of Love." That's where we are now. At the cross-roads after a century of institutional termite action.

Our MSM/Ministry of Truth Agency of Lies has the job to manipulate the news entertainment and results outcome of the current election pawn-placement cycle to achieve the following choice of "winners."
  1. Obama
  2. Hillary (backup)
  3. Romney
  4. Gingrich
  5. Santorum
  6. Paul
Santorum is the best that conservatives have been left with. And despite his weak oratory performance, the GOP establishment never seeing him as a serious threat (until Iowa), and his being too easily manipulated in the past, he earns my vote because he has on occasion stood hard on principle and paid the price for it.

I love Gingrich's ability to turn the tables in so many situations. But what if he had good reason to anticipate the questions and so was ready with good answers?
  1. Does that only make him a good game player? Is that all we want? 
  2. Or, taking another darker track: was he the beneficiary of some insider who told him what to expect and so he looks smarter than he is?
And Ron Paul is kind of the wild card in all this. Should some non-Statist type have won the GOP nomination despite all their scheming, he has been there as a third party threat from the start. 

I do not have any proof that any of what I just wrote is factual. However, I do know that majority (if not all) of media personalities are either hard leftists, soft leftists, or GOP progressive types. And our Agency of Lies is performing much like Orwell said his Ministry of Truth would.

I wrote it simply because in the end, manipulated is how I feel. How about you?

Were I living in South Carolina, I'd vote Santorum on Saturday.


  1. Pascal, I can only gauge those who stand for conservative values on what they say, how much I know of their background, what they promise to achieve if gaining office and how they handle the hostile MSM whenever the MSM deign to ask them 'selective' questions.

    And on those calculations my pick would be Gingrich, as I believe that what I have learned so far about him places him with a definite advantage over his competitors. Maybe what you have written in this post concerning Gingrich's ready to hand answers are a little off mark, and I sincerely hope that you are, as the man has a traceable history of having ready answers. So, as of this Saturday, here down under, I believe Gingrich will be the pick for the people of South Carolina.

  2. In addition to my sixth sense uneasiness with Mr. Gingrich -- who will he double-cross tomorrow? -- I have watched him evade being really being pressed about his legislative work in the 90s on behest of the Green crowd. You may recall this and its follow-up. That interview was way too short. It only dealt with his sitting on the couch with Pelosi after he was out of office.

    I'd love for him to be my guy. He's been much more impressive (maybe only flashy?) in these debates than Santorum. But how many people really trust him? Like I implied above, in many ways he's played ball with the Statists, but clearly they don't trust him either given the way their media treats him. I think it unwise to overlook such concerns simply out of outrage for the way CNN treated him yesterday. He could have said the same things months ago in defense of Herman Cain.

    As for my overal feeling of being manipulated: Why exactly ARE these Republican debates so often held on Democratic Party stages? CNN? ABC? MSNBC! Could these arrangements be any more hostile to conservatives, and safe for Obama, were the GOP campaign planning committee staffed by Dems?

  3. Just before I get into the meat of my comment, I have to tell you that I have been having some difficulty of late staying on your blog. It seems to be when I access the comments section where all I get is a blank page, anyhow.. seems to be behaving itself today, so here comes the meat...

    I can recall Gingrich's time as speaker of the house and not being politically astute then as I believe I am today, used to wonder what all the fuss was about. Well, now we all know what the fuss was about as his congressional history is up for grabs by anyone who wishes to paint Gingrich, it just depends on the painters choice of which side of politics the paint will fall on. There is no doubt that this guy has a chequered history in politics and that his dirty laundry, which the socialist MSM has gone to great efforts to sully even more, is not making negative inroads into the conservative citizen's mind.

    I truly believe that most thinking Americans have now reached a point in their lives after nearly four years of Barry Obama and his sleight of hand administration team, where they would actually vote for the Devil himself than entertain the thought of another four years of kicking the racist can down the left road.

    Gingrich is probably not the perfect candidate to be POTUS, but then, that admission must also raise the question, who today is? I do believe that Gingrich is America's best hope at this time from the lacklustre bunch that have been dancing to the socialist arranged 'debates' that any honest person would have to admit to himself, is so weighted in 'gotcha lead' it's a wonder the questions asked were able to exit the mouth of the inquisitor.

    Gingrich won a standing ovation when he decided to fire back at what he perceived, and in my opinion, rightly so, the MSM's obsession with asking Republican candidates those questions that are never asked of Democrats. The public stood up and applauded someone who finally nailed the bastards who believe they know better than everyone else, and to who fair minded Americans have become actutely aware of since that Muslim in disguise took over the White House.

    America could do a lot worse by not allowing Gingrich at least four years to prove his worth.


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