Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Only Bad Publicity Is No Publicity

I warn you again about how much the Right is being manipulated into backing the two most Establishment candidates.

Talk radio is as conservative as its sponsors and the handful of radio groups will permit it to be. Yes, they will SAY things that you like because those good thoughts all come from you.  But when it comes time to put their money where their mouths have been, they will go with those who have gained their allegiance by permitting them to go on and SAY all those nice things so that you will buy their books. Making each of them very wealthy,

You know in your bones that's how the system works. Accept it.

Once you accept that, then you know that cronies back both the Left and the Right, so you have very good reason to be more skeptical over the way this is playing out.
  • Yes, Romney is the most country club of GOP candidates.
  • Yes, Gingrich is being gang-attacked. I also feel like defending him when the attacks are over the top. But I did that for G W Bush too even though I detested how Statist and Left pleasing (and them never acknowledging it) he could be.
Please look at all this bad blood publicity for what it is: Providing name recognition for Gingrich and Romney.

Rick Santorum basically has had the oxygen in all of the recent debates sucked away from him. Stolen on behalf of R & G by the guiding hand of the moderators and later bickered over all over the map. That all starts and continued with MSM The Agency of Lies -- it deciding who get the oxygen.

I know I am not going to persuade any of you. But let me state this for the record:
R & G are losers for us. They will either lose to Obama like McCain did, or they will become care-takers of the burgeoning state so that the Left can do in 2014 what they did in 2006 -- claim that the GOP is bad for America.
Name recognition buys at least half of the votes. That and fear that only "He can win." The resultant candidate would then only offer the non Leftist American the choice of voting for the radical Obama or a GOP Progressive. That is not a good choice. THAT IS NO SENSIBLE CHOICE!

I don't get where anyone thinks that Newt is not a Progressive. And if you know he IS a Progressive, WTF? "He can win" is what saddled California with the gawdawful Schwarzenegger instead of the best candidate, McClintock.

As you suffer from either Obama's 2nd term or under either of these Progressives, please remember I warned you. Maybe you can then tell me why you didn't heed me. Okay?

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